Weekly Summary: 9.5.16 – 15.5.16

by Beauchamp Art


Digital Factory - Exhibition Launch - Event28

This week I got around to editing the Digital Factory photos from the set up of the main exhibition, documenting the work of the other artists and I, and they seem to have come out reasonable well. Moreover, we have been organising the trip to the Wysing Arts Centre for a Glitch Workshop as part of the Digital Residency activities done through Firstsite, which should be interesting.

Moreover, as I have finshed working at NUA for the summer break, I managed to put some work into the David Bowie Sculpture, though will have to finish it when I return in September. This shall be a long 4 months without work, which will hopefully give me time to sort through any other matters that need attending too.


Digital Factory - Exhibition Launch - Install - Ben - RGB - 04


Digital Factory - Exhibition Launch - Install - Sian - 11

Bowie - 01