Film: RGB Invert [Post-Warhol]

by Beauchamp Art

RGB Invert [Post-Warhol]

Altered version of the RGB Warhol video, played at 50% speed and 50% scale overlaid onto the original (at the more standard 1080p 16:9: HD resolution), with the sound track also slowed down alongside a version pitch-shifted down an octave.

RGB Invert [Post-Warhol] [Stills] - 01

On the verges of Minimalism, Structuralism, Pop, and an eye test.

RGB Invert [Post-Warhol] Stills

RGB Invert [Post-Warhol] [Stills] - 06

RGB Invert [Post-Warhol] [Stills] - 07