Film: AW RGB Inverted [Alt 1 & 2]

by Beauchamp Art

AW RGB Inverted [Alt 2]

Alternative version of the RGB Andy Warhol film playing at 25% speed with an inverted border, with a drone version of the Shepard’s Tone variation of the arpeggiated soundtrack.


AW RGB Inverted [Stills] - 01

AW RGB Inverted [Stills]

This reworking of the inverted video for the Circuit event at the Junction in Cambridge as part of the Digital Residency has been undertaken as a means of extending the work from one fixed position to produce a Post-Media piece. This could be seen as a means of creating a form of post-location art work that is not tied to a single locations, space or place; a film that cannot (easily) be commodified and is neither moving nor stationary, but in a perpetually altering digital flux. However, the resulting video may potentially be too lengthy for the environment in which it is to be exhibited. At around 30 mins, the ‘screen saver aesthetic’ may be taken too far, and the screen-test like video elements may not induce a positive audience experience.

AW RGB Inverted [Stills] - 03

Nevertheless, where as previous pieces have often been difficult to watch due to the rapidity of imagery violently assaulting the retina and sound irritating the ear drums, the A/V drone produce a equal but conversely unwatchable experience. This does not necessarily undermine the piece, but has resulted in not small amount of consideration as to the purpose of the piece and particularly its length; as it could effectively be made considerably shorter by removing the connection to the original rotating head’s 300 frame/6 second cycle, and having each phase being 30 frames/1 second (or move to 24 fps for the sake of divisibility). The problem there would be the severing of the connecting (besides the aesthetic continuation) between the Firstsite installation and the Junction event, potentially undermining the multi-faceted aspect of the work.

AW RGB Inverted [Stills] - 06


AW RGB Inverted [Alt 1]

Playing at 50% speed.