Weekly Summary: 13.6.16 – 19.6.16

by Beauchamp Art

Benjamin Beauchamp - Circuit - Junction - 03

With my time at Firstsite come to a close with the dismantling of the exhibition as part of the Digital Residency, I now have to consider where to direct my momentum in terms of creative output, as well as other formalities; finishing off lingering pieces, reorganising website, sorting invoices & receipts, needing to formally register as self-employed; despite not earning anything from art work yet, but will cover other expenses and future odd jobs, photography, etc.

Drear - 06

On that note, I re-edited the photos for Emanuela this week, brightening them slight (as the ambient light levels were fairly low, this was understandable), alongside documenting another peer’s work for their portfolio for Master degree applications. Nevertheless, I do need to work through new project ideas, drawing again, and doing more structural and minimalist photography, as well as the various half-made video, sound and musical pieces that I have on the go.