Weekly Summary: 4.7.16 – 10.7.16

by Beauchamp Art

Henry Driver Basement Experiments - 38

Amongst a mostly unproductive week, I photographed one of Henry’s video installations would should form a part of his MA degree show work, both as part of the exhibition and as part of the publication he is producing alongside. It is always good to see that some of my imagery is being positively received.

On a related note, I responded to the American musicians who wanted to use some of my GIFs as part of the visuals to accompany their live tour, however have not heard a response as of yet. I do have a small suspicion they may use the images without my permission anyway, which would be unproffessional, but as my images are hosted online and actived by their presence online (they cease to be if they are not accessible, so the financial dilemma is somewhat offset by a Cartesian one).

Henry Driver Basement Experiments - 42

In addition to attending the Museums At Night event at the Castle as part of the British Art Show 8, I have also been sorting through old paintings and other miscellaneous works from my old Deviant.Art account, which mostly plays host to my Foundation work and some of my first year experiments. Not that I use that service particularly now, but nevertheless any work online may serve as some representation of the artist, so I would prefer my early student works to be refined somewhat if they are to be online, which is not strictly necessary, but can but useful for retrospective reflection.

Having spoken to some of my peers recently, I may be inclined towards painting again soon, though this will probably involve negotiating with charcoals and digital paint for the mean time, until something becomes more apparent, particularly regarding subject matter. If in doubt, do a self-portrait; and I am no longer under obligations to avoid self-portraiture (should I so wish) following a suggestion in the first term of the first year of university. However, I would hope to diversify my subject matter if I do, and avoid painting on card.

To be fair, no small part of this, or the previous few weeks, has been spent playing Dark Souls II, a dark, atmospheric hack-and-slash video game that does nothing towards my inclination towards digitally painting fantasy art subjects, and a retrogression into a creative output that is less considered and a move away from Fine/Conceptual art, which is dangerous territory, though it is possibly and area slightly less saturated with Upper-Middle Class tendencies, which is worth considering when reflecting on audiences, the media, and the power dynamics therein.

Nevertheless, I have been considering the importance of making work that is interesting, not that is trying to show off, or allude to an arbitrary sense of where the work should be situated culturally, bur rather reflects a greater sense of its locality. Though this does not necessarily demand a most modernist self commentary, but should be grounded in some sense of self awareness.