Weekly Summary: 11.7.2016 – 17.7.16

by Beauchamp Art

I have been working on a number of musical pieces this, including a dance track entitle Mechanical Coup, a combination of the phrases Mechanical Turk and Turkish Coup, given the poignant time of the composition; and following reading various articles and listening to a range of news stories on the subject, and the other major political events of the moment. There are a number of other songs currently under way, with a handful at a stage of near completion, though whether they are to be resolved is not clear, given my habit for half-finishing more than half of what I start creating.

Additionally, I have been sorting through notes stored on my phone, collecting together related points and categorising them under relevant headers, primarily ‘Art Ideas’ and ‘Kibble’, but have further specified the topics about which I have written disconnected passages that need conglomerating together, namely ‘Socialism’, ‘Homelessness’, ‘Language’ and ‘Terror-forming the Middle East’. However, this is evidently not a final amalgam, but serves to anchor a few areas around which further ideas may be collected.