Weekly Summary: 1.8.16 – 7.8.16

by Beauchamp Art

Henry Driver - MA Private View -26

Alongside attending the MA opening; to see the works, be social, and document Henry’s work, I also doubled my duties as the photographer for the opening of another peer’s exhibition, documenting Harry’s Wet portrait series as the start of his residency there.

Moreover, there was also the British Art Show take over at the uni, which I attend both as visitor and documentor once again, photographing Emanuela’s pop-up projection piece at the top of the St. George’s stairwell. Perhaps because of discussing the piece and the artist’s previous projects with her, this was also probably my preferred work out of the takeover pieces, particularly as it concerned the perception of perception, particularly regarding digital imagery, which has been a reasonably integral part of my own practice and interest for some time.

Emanuela Cusin - BA8 Takeover - 13

Much as the piece I felt the most resonance with in the MA show was Henry’s work, which address VR through a video installation. Having had numerous discussions with Henry since coming to Norwich, and our sustained artistic and social engagement, our areas of interest have proven to overlap, and though our practice is undertaken in converse ways, we both share an interest in the digital and the particular philosophy of such media, although recently my output has been fairly minimal.

Furthermore, I started reading Michael Foulcault’s The Order of Things this week, with some keen interest, though uncertain what this Archaeology of the Human Sciences will hold. Tangentially, I have also taken up drawing in more frequency, in the post-apocalpytic, illustrative vein.

Harry Darlington - Barber Shop - Private View - 08