Weekly Summary: 26.9.16 – 2.10.16

by Beauchamp Art

David Bowie - 07

This week saw my return to work at the university, which went relatively smoothly; setting up furniture, giving a tour of the building and a few other technical jobs, alongside meeting with the other staff. Hopefully this punctuation will enable me to return to a steady rhythm of working . Moreover, it also give me access back to the computers and software, so during the quieter portions of the opening week, I was able to work on my David Bowie sculpture from before the summer break, which mostly involved tweaking the existing model; however, focusing on fewer reference images rather than trying to average a life time of varied aesthetics proved the more successful avenue to follow.

Moreover, I finished typing up quote from Error, which meant I could finally return my last book to the library. Having had a brief exchange with a current student who had read my dissertations (as it is available on the Intranet as an example), I have had some motivation to do more serious writing, but nothing is as yet in clear. Perhaps typing up the quotes from the other books read this summer will prove fruitful, and will allow me to build on the themes I was starting to examine earlier in the year.