Weekly Summary: 3.10.16 – 9.10.16

by Beauchamp Art


Things appear to have picked up somewhat in terms of my output; I have been working on a 3D Digital Auto-Portrait (WIP), and had a fairly busy weekend for digital painting and sketching. Although my technical ability for such matters has improved somewhat so that I can move through ideas more efficiently, I have not committed myself to any project with greater depth. Nevertheless, having listened though Day of the Triffids and my continued engagement with sci-fi subjects as an area for discourse and allegorical examination, I may be inclining myself to a more literary practice at the moment, with more abstract considerations less present.


In Fine Dierum

Amongst various vague plans, the desire to use the illustrative landscape I have been developing with the post-apocalyptic imagery to produce some form of animation or cartoon would be interesting, and potentially reasonably rewarding (as I would not only be able to create the image, but experiment with soundscapes, soundtracks, narration, and the video production of the project).