Digital: Ben [1-4]

by Beauchamp Art

Ben - 07


Multiple renders of the Ben sculpture were created, each using essentially the same model, with minor variations, exported with various different lighting and perspective settings. The first full version, Ben [1] was essentially fine, but unfortunately I had disabled the dynamic perspective, so the depth of field of the images was very short, so the figure appeared very flat. When alterations where made, as in Ben [2], the original project was inadvertently overridden. A number of alterations to the lighting, shadow and material settings were subsequently made, such as in Ben [3], (however the LightCap settings produced an unequal level of illumination in the eyes where a different material was being used), with the final variation, Ben [4], essentially reverting back to similar lighting settings to the WIP model, with one main light, and two minor LightCaps adding additional illumination, in order to show the model in the most plain form possible. Evidently, I still have much development with regards to rendering in addition to the need for sculpting progress. It may be necessary for me to attempt to use a greater combination of programs for the best effect.



Ben: WIP

Ben - 01

Digital: Ben [1]



Ben - 01

Digital: Ben [2]


Ben - 01

Digital: Ben [3]

(There was another version created around this point, but I chose not to upload this variation)


Ben - 01

Digital: Ben [4]