Weekly Summary: 28.11.16 – 4.12.16

by Beauchamp Art

Autoportrait in Oils

This has been a reasonably productive week, as I managed to work on two 3D sculptures, document my painting and an exhibition, as well as keep up with my Instagram and attempts at returning to doing more regular photography, and have been keeping my website up to date with recent digital works.

On the note of the portrait, I decided not to add another coat of paint, and leave it as a single session painting, a useful exercise and practice that will probably end up stuffed behind furniture, out of sight, soon enough.


Decimari Mutant III - 11

I have taken to working on a number of ghoulish sculptures, working on creating a reasonable variety of figures and characters using the Decimari mutant as a template. The third bust was finished this week and proved to be a fairly satisfying bust, and now I have more of a grasp of the lighting and rendering in Zbrush, it is easier to produce higher quality images of the model once it is complete.

Execratis Decimari [WIP]

Moreover, I have made some reasonable headway with a more mutated and sci-fi horror inspired model, in the form of a multi-limbed Decimari, that bares some resemblance to an ant queen, with some texturing fuelled by Giger-esk use of repetitive organic forms, particularly the segmentation of the ribs, and oesophagus/trachea/sphintoral funnel forms becoming more commonplace, such as in the III model, where the folding flesh and lesions produce the effect of a infected scrotum with facial features. Similarly, I have been putting some time into a more standard humanoid Decimari figure, which may come across more typically zombie-like, but also borrowing some aesthetic considerations from Zdzisław Beksiński’s figures, as well as those in the games Scorn and Agony which are currently being developed.



James Snelling - terra, terror, tear here - Dec 2016 - 30

Furthermore, I also did some photography for James for his recent exhibition. This also gave me a chance to see the new Nunn’s Yard gallery and take some additional pictures of its miscellaneous features.