Digital: Execratis Decimari

by Beauchamp Art

Execratis Decimari - 01

Execratis Decimari

Multi-limbed mutant Decimari, a composite of carnal revulsion.

Execratis Decimari - 18

One of the more complex models I have worked on, and an attempt at rigging it to orientate a more intersting aysmetrical pose resulted in Zbrush crashing repeated, so a more static position was chosen.

Execratis Decimari - 03

Another model with influences including Giger, Beksiński, with hints of Cronenberg’s films and the Fallout games thrown in for good measure, to produce something that may resemble a humanoid with and endoskeleton, to something more like an exoskeletal insect.

Execratis Decimari - 09

This model was also difficult to document in flat images, so attempts may be made at a later date to make a 3D version of the model available for viewing.