Weekly Summary – 12.12.16 – 18.12.16

by Beauchamp Art

Execratis Decimari - 02

This was my final week at work until the new year, and managed to finish the Execratis Decimari model and make some reasonable progress with the Decimari figure; in which I am playing around with a few different techniques, including making a sub-dermal replica of the figure within the main form which has been painted red with more reflective material settings, so as to look like raw bloody flesh when sections of the figure’s skin are cut back, as if revealing the inner bloody body.

I also gave the figure a loin cloth, and managed to make it look old and torn by exploiting a flaw in the Dynamesh protocol, which makes thin surface fracture, and in this case look like old torn fabric full of holes. Moreover, I am keeping the model itself fairly simple, so as to hopefully provide a useful opportunity to practice rigging without crashing Zbrush repeatedly.

I have also been keeping up with Instagram, and it appears to be motivating me to take more pictures, which is good, though finding subjects is also difficult.

Decimari Figure - WIP 01