Weekly Summary – 26.12.16 – 1.1.17

by Beauchamp Art

Frostscape - 05

Whilst still up north, I tried to make practical use of my time there, so found myself decorating whilst listening to Ray Bradbury; not exactly the peak of my artistic output, but probably the most painting I have done in a while, besides helping out with a few coats on another house, and that self-portrait of debatable quality. Nevertheless, due to the wonders of the winter land, I managed to take a few reasonable photographs of the frost-laden ground with heavy fog pressing upon it, resulting in some reasonable landscape imagery.

Outside of this, I have returned to Norwich and the New Year has begun. I do not have anything particularly lined up, like the Colchester residency in early 2016, but perhaps it would be worth me looking into more opportunities to make and display work, to give myself some motivation to continue.

Nightfog - 03