Weekly Summary – 9.1.17 – 15.1.17

by Beauchamp Art

Decimari Figure - 35

I managed to finish the Decimari figure this week, and documented it fairly thoroughly from a range of perspectives, although having it as an 3D object which could be embed on a website would still probably be more useful. Nevertheless, the resulting render was fairly successful, and despite the limitations of Zbrush’s lighting tools, the resulting images effectively amplify the ghastliness of the figure’s form.

Moreover, I also began work on a squatting figure, with a similar body type but in a more animalistic pose, though I decided the first of these more bestial humanoids should not be too contortionist, so is not arching back with dislocated joints, but effectively is a slightly oddly proportioned human in a semi-recumbent posture. However, with the figure finished this week, I have also begun attempting to rig the model to place him in a more dynamic, asymmetrical pose, but my first attempt resulted in the figure being sliced and diced rather unnaturally when rotating or repositioning limbs, so I need to work on a more delicate rig before manoeuvring the monstrosity (or taking the model in Maya or another program).

Moreover, with reading Reclaiming Conversation and proofreading a few friend’s essays, I have regained some motivation for getting back into writing, and did make an attempt at starting to write a short fictional piece, involving discourse between three figures drinking; writing what I know, but I might try to more formless writing styles, to suit the disparate thoughts to be embodied.