The Ecstasy of Post-Truth

by Beauchamp Art

“…More real that the real (simulation)”


“And what if reality dissolved before our very eyes? Not into nothingness, but into the more real than real (triumph of the simulacra)? What if the modern universe of communication, of hyper-communication, had plunged us, not into the senseless but into a tremendous saturation of meaning entirely consumed by its success.”


“The world is becoming indifferent.”


“[What] if history were only an accumulative, instantaneous memory without a past?” […] If it were no longer a question of setting truth against illusion, but of perceiving the prevalent illusion as truer than truth? […] And if all this were neither exciting, no despairing – but fatal?”


Baudrillard, Jean. (1987) The Ecstasy of Communication. (Foreign Agents). Semiotext(e). USA. 83, 94, 103