Weekly Summary – 16.1.17 – 22.1.17

by Beauchamp Art

Arcus Decimari - 25

I finished the squatting Decimari model this week, and manage a reasonable render of the horrible blighter. Doing a more dynamic pose was enjoyable, but until I can get to grips with Zbrush’s rigging system, the models will have to be fairly static.

Tangentially, I reworked a minimalist composition from a few months ago, turning into Phase 2, not totally dissimilar to the previous incarnation, but especially droney, with some semi-improvised chords throbbing through it.

Additionally, I have been continuing to read Reclaiming Conversation, and listening to an audiobook of Erehwon by Samuel Butler, which is particularly intriguing, and has fed ideas for the Motherland of Exiles project.

One of my other little on going tasks it to work through previous weekly summaries which I started and had gathered a few notes for, but never wrote up in full. Currently, this goes all the way back to May of last year, but thankfully only includes around 8 unfinished synopsis. It is interesting going over these little summaries when they are in utero, to see what I was noting down as important and what I choose not to include on here.

I also have quite a few other bits of notes and annotations for pieces made as part of the Firstsite residency which I could do to go over more thoroughly, and may lead to more writing, as coming up with captions for my various digital monster sculptures quite often leads to a developing of the associated narrative and an alternative mode of exploring and developing ideas.