Written: Decimari Reproduction

by Beauchamp Art

The follow is an extract from an ongoing fictional account regarding the Decimari, a race of mutant humanoids, which I have been illustrating and depicting in various digital paintings and sculptures over the last few months. This may form part of a larger body of work, but at this point the project is primarily a framework for producing a range of materials as a creative exercise.

Decimari Reproduction

Current Suppositions and notes; advisory for Dr Aldeux, Senior Eugenicist, considerations for further In Vivo experimentation


Though all are unique in the malformation and deviations of body, there were inevitably certain commonalties that began to emerge amongst the Decimari, certain recurrent features and types of deformity that prevailed amongst their hideous populous. Like any evolutionary process, those which enable the fit to survive will become more apparent amongst the aberrant.

But, as the means of reproduction amongst them is still largely a point of contention, with some believing that male and females share a single womb between the two coiled bodies, both providing the necessary genetic material and nutrients to sustain that which no single decimated body could hope to sustain.

Whilst others have suggested even more exotic means by which the may copulate: mass release of sexual materials in tremendous orgies, comparable to the means by which schools of fish may reproduce, other suspect that they all descend from a single outcast from the Eden of the Castra, from whom they are born and with whom they must also mate, as a Matriarch of a foul, incestuous hive, or even the emerged as malfeasants, crawling from the vast radioactive wastes as terrible amalgams of the countless bodies and the ruins of organic structure that remained after a great decimation – with no individual bodies, but one body, one flesh, one awful and fractured mind amongst them, perpetually prowling the Wastes without direction, longing for a undefinable vengeance against some ancient enemy, long having eradicated itself and become unified with the dreadful mass they created.

Yet there is a shared understanding that the progenitors of the Decimari race were once humans, though which caste of peoples is not certain, with a general belief that they descend from a broad range of the Metro citizens, including specialists amongst the genetically enhanced population, such as some of the substantially altered individuals, whom may be more susceptible to the effects the prolonged radiation exposure that occurs in the Wastes, providing ample genetic material for the more profoundly inhuman examples of the Decimari.

Though any connection between the citizens of the Metro and these creatures would never be made into a public concern, so such discussion is kept under the struck condense of the scientific circles, with any over-zealous theorising over this possibility is kept closely monitored, and should not be found in even the darkest corners of conversation that manage to exist within the Castra. However, rumour will always find a way of negotiating over the most rigorous of screening processes and may still infect the public mind, without the swift intervention of the bludgeon of propaganda.

However, it is highly like that the vast majority of the Decimari are inherently sterile, with the radiation that reforms their figures also disrupting their traditional reproductive functions, and numerous examples of those more substantially warped in stature have little or no external reproductive organs in evident, with the soft tissue of the phallus and other such delicate areas of the body, such as the cartilaginous material which makes up the external ear, nose, lips and so forth, begin especially vulnerable to the ravages of the waste, and the immediate effects of radiation poisoning, before the later, seemingly regenerative effects of rampant stem cell activity settle in, and stabilise the life form, though not before serious physical and irreversible bodily and neurological tissue damage has taken place. It is during this violent state of the flux that the more dramatic alterations may occur.

Although for those of the Decimari that remain with their initial four limbs, this seems fairly straight forward. However, those horrifying examples which have only been noted infrequently by the more eccentric of Wasteland explorers that bare less resemblance to human form, have been seen with what appear to be an extra set of arms, or some more animal like features – with some rare reports of Decimari draped with great, horrifying, bat wings, this may suggest something far more significant occurring on a genetic level. This could be the results of features from their ancestors remerging due to the environmental strain, the body drastically reforging itself with what historical records remain embedded in the echoes of the double-helix, and this could also reflect why they seem to resort to a more primitive mental state, though the aforementioned effects of radiation on mental capacity due to cellular damage could also account for this, and their regression to pre-linguistic utterances – though there is also the possibility this stems more from the physiological effects of their circumstance, as it has been observed that those unfortunate enough to bare witness to great trauma yet survive their ordeal baring no physical scares may take with them such a burden as their mind may become severed from clarity, and descend into the maelstrom of madness. Though for the Decimari, they may bare both bodily and mental marks like which could only turn a man to beast.

Regardless, the individual’s will to survive is only second to a society’s ability to do so, therefore, it is not worth discounting the seemingly raucous theory regarding the Decimari’s collective origin, with them emerging, half-formed and reforming, from a great plateau of flesh personified; all animal and man made into a barbaric whole; as he who is cast to the level of the lowliest beast and lives among them is more than like to bare their hideous resemblance should he ever emerge.

Observation of the transformation of a common man to one of these beast in controlled conditions has been attempted, exposing a subject in laboratory conditions to the same sorts of radiation that they are likely to encounter outside of the Castra, with some moderated success, though the subjects rarely survive long after the physical changes begin to occur. With rouge stem cells being hyper stimulated, it is not unsurprising to find sections of liver tissue developing in the lungs, or fingernail-like manifestations on and under the skin, particularly around the areas of dense follicle development, such as on the scalp, groin and face on the male subjects. This particular change is fairly frequent and usually fairly superficial in the discomfort it causes the subject, which may be why it is one of the features fairly commonly observed on the ‘naturally occurring’ Decimari, though there is little nature has to do with the matter. This type of mutation as compared to, say, tumours of pancreatic matter pressing on the spinal column – which has been observed on multiple occasions, resulting in a tremendous deal of agony and ultimately a non-too-swift death – thus, it is not entirely surprising that the random cellular mutations that are more superficial, at first, are more common.

Nevertheless, there is, as yet, no direct parallel between those Genetic Defectors created in vivo and those which have been observed without any direct intervention in the Wastes. The more significant deviations from the proud body of man have not yet been achieved artificially. Thus, it is probably that there is some as yet unknown element at work in those desolate wilds that crafts them into such wondrous monstrosities.

It is curious, however, for the accounts made regarding contact with Decimari who appear stricken by a range of physical deviations, yet have been seen still walking bipedally, partially clothed in rags, who seems to gather in groups and exist as nomads, but maintaining some semblance of human civility, though how this is entirely possible in the Wastes remains unclear, as prolonged exposure to such high levels of radioactivity and the other toxic factors of their environment, would not be thought likely to be conducive to a sustainable society, never mind a stable cell structure. However, such accounts are often from second-hand sources; such as members of the Precariai and those groups of outlying communities that seem to thrive outside of the protection of the Castra, but beyond the reach of the Wastes and threat of the fallout, so their reliability is evidently dubious, but worth consideration regardless.