Weekly Summary – 23.1.17 – 29.1.17

by Beauchamp Art

Procerus Decimari - 28

This week I finished the Procerus Decimari sculpture (AKA the lanky one), and managed to get a fairly decent render using a reasonable balance of lights, though the figure itself was not especially original, and some of the more exciting elements from the drawings seem to get lost in their translation to the digital medium – whether in sculptures or paintings; indeed, I used to have the same issue when using traditional paint media, that which was strongest in my drawings lacked completely in my paintings, and they always looked somehow clunky and unfinished.

Nevertheless, I have decided to read a few books at once. Alongside Reclaiming Conversation, I now have Love that Moves the Sun and Other Stars (extracts from) Dante, along with Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London; in addition to listening through and audiobook of Samuel Butler’s Erewhon. With this variety not only spurning on various bits of writing, but also it detracts from the negative qualities of each (negative as in soporific, not as in poor quality or undermining); the horrifying familiarity of the issues Turkle is addressing in her book, the abundance of religious imagery in Dante, the threatening precariousness of Orwell that only ever seems more than a page away from becoming my own narrative; all of which compound into something wholly depressing.