Writing: From Ari… – Xen…

by Beauchamp Art

Notes from March 18th of 2016 in response to a question as to why I “seem to be full of detestation (either outward or inward) almost like you revel in it.”

Google’s example of ‘detestation’ in a sentence seems a fitting place to start:

From aristocracy to xenophobia, there is much to be annoyed and angry about, and it seems that the first step towards tackling such moral and social outrages that have produced a divided and antagonistic civilisation is to be vocal, then ideally follow through these vocalisation and go about disrupting and destroying systems of oppression and exploitation whenever possible.

I am trying to be more informed regarding the application of anarchist principals, but the core component that seems to stand out is the need to question everything. Toddlers manage this fine, then as children grow up they have their questioning instincts gradually beaten out of them, through verbal dismissal, patronising diversions or other forms of normalised physical/verbal abuse, until they are quiet and submissive. With some children, systematic subversion of this desire to understand is not effectively suppressed by one form of violence or another, so it is medicated until they are pacified.

That is not to say that conditions like ADHD and Autism in children cannot be helped by the use of prescriptions, but the impression may be gathered that the ideal outcome for those in power would be for the opium of the people to literally be opium, to keep the masses passive and working until they die prematurely downing in their own filth with a half-smile still tattooed on their faces like blissful lobotomites.

I have not yet face such direct violence, but it is still present in everyday interactions and media consumption in society. I may seem full of detestation because there appears to be considerably more to be abhorred by in the day to day, from birth to death, than is often acknowledged openly, but is evident to all. Again, this is not intended as a patronising statement labelling the general populous as ignoramuses, but rather the apathy saturating the world has been engineered to create sense of powerlessness and stupidity, a guise allowing the elite classes to dominate in relative security, and any thoughts or actions to the contrary are heresy, threats to national security, or at worse, declared ‘infantile’, for only a child would question the hand that beats it.