Written: Knock Kneed Neighbour

by Beauchamp Art

So solipsistic and simplistic
it’s suggestive of something satirical of a narrative
that’s narrow minded and divided

Oh, all thought void and employed to a finer trade of hot air
pressed and compressed in the billows of bloated blowhards
pushed down like pillows softly smothering
mothering a nursery of numb navel gazers
knocking narrow knees in rapturous and ricketous applause
give pause for thought in distracted delirium
spluttering in diphtheria day dreams
coughing up second hand solutions

All cause for calamity collapsing
rupturing renal failure
can’t control the carcinogenic generation

The other are all malignant malcontents
they come here to undercut us
to steal and spoil what has already been stolen from us

Oh, those terrible types that trample our ambitions for antagonism amongst our own
let us our crusts, let us our left overs, let us beg for all we have burdened
but can’t let a crumb go to them
them be the harbingers of our demise
they by the downfall of man, casting us out
let paradise be partisan, divide us, conquer us
ply the bread with sawdust, the foundations with rust
the beef with horse and laugh at us

Oh, please, let us be the but of your joke
jostle us, kick us when we’re down
and let us kiss your boots

The other will try to trick us
they come here to deceive us
to steal and spoil that which we surrendered

Oh, cast all others aside and your divine guide divide us
let my brother die so I may lie in your arms
calm, disarmed, unharmed
content in your cruel ruling embrace
praising victory and first place in the final race
let delicate hate be the gate through which we pass
longing for your euphoria no more
abhorred whore and spoil of war