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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Motherland of Exiles Project

by Beauchamp Art

Virga Tua et Baculus Tuus

Motherland of Exiles

Selection of images from the Motherland of Exiles project.

This is an ongoing project, so this page is subject to page and only represents a sample of relevant materials, including drawings, digital paintings and sculptures, and links to writings.


The following a few examples of extracts of texts loosely connecting by the common themes of Motherland of Exiles, though not all is included here, as it is very much a work in progress, and various annotations to images would also come under this category, but are not included here.

The Library: 4-51 Alexandria Avenue

4-51 Alexandria Avenue, one of the great libraries of the Metropolis, occupying a great deal of the street. With only a few offices either side, which mostly dealt with legal matters attaining to contents of the library, publishing, distribution and post-production, interconnecting to a few of the lower floors within the colossal structure, so one could walk between the historical archives in the library to the historical amendments department of the adjacent offices, without stepping outside either structure. . .


The Logic of Interference

It is the role of the individual to be responsible for their action, and thus it is necessary for them also to be responsible for their responses, to recognise the course of their actions, both in themselves, as they extend outwards unto others, and how their are perceived, both internally and externally by other parties. . .


Decimari Reproduction

Though all are unique in the malformation and deviations of body, there were inevitably certain commonalties that began to emerge amongst the Decimari, certain recurrent features and types of deformity that prevailed amongst their hideous populous. Like any evolutionary process, those which enable the fit to survive will become more apparent amongst the aberrant. . .


Decimari Evolution

Due to the intense genetic modifications, Decimari that emerge from some of the senior castes of the Metro society are especially susceptible to the mutagenic effects of the high levels of radiation in the Wastes and other affected areas. . .


Ignorance and Ergonomics

The only ignorance in the Metro is wilful ignorance. No one is any more or less intelligent then they need or would otherwise want to be, and as for most, if not all citizens, reality perfectly aligns with hopes and expectations, then their desire for any further knowledge is minimal, particularly because of the abundance of information. . .


Digital Painting Selection:


Into Inferno

Into Inferno



City of Cinder

City of Cinder

In Cibum Tritor

In Cibum Tritor


Ragged Knight

Ragged Knight

Pathos Patronatus

Pathos Patronatus

Nocte Lignum [Legio Metro]

Nocte Lignum [Legio Metro]


Decimari [2]

Decimari [2]

Upon the Barren Morn

Upon the Barren Morn

In Fine Dierum

In Fine Dierum


Digital Sculpture Selection:

Decimari Mutant III - 01

Decimari Mutant III


Decimari Figure - 01

Decimari Figure


Arcus Decimari - 01

Arcus Decimari

Sus Invisus - 01

Sus Invisus



Decimari in the Wastes Charcoal]

Decimari in the Wastes [Charcoal]

Vastitates Londinium Charcoal]

Vastitates Londinium [Charcoal]

Castra on the Hill Charcoal]

Castra on the Hill [Charcoal]



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