Writing: Decimari Evolution

by Beauchamp Art

Further extracts from the work in progress text, Motherland of Exiles.

Due to the intense genetic modifications, Decimari that emerge from some of the senior castes of the Metro society are especially susceptible to the mutagenic effects of the high levels of radiation in the Wastes and other affected areas. Their deliberate alterations and enhancements become highly susceptible to instability. For example, a modified pituitary gland designed to increase height and size by a few centimetre produces gigantism, acromegaly, and other such conditions, as the liver is inadvertently stimulated into producing hormones that expedite growth.

So, something which once stood slightly elevated with broadened shoulders, now towers at twice the height of an average man, upwards of three or four metres have said to have been observed, though as with some of the more extreme accounts of the denizens of decimation, these may be somewhat exaggerated, or one can only hope that this is so. No longer are these figures like carved, beautiful Apollo, but statues of grotesque proportion, all features foul on a forlorn frame.

Other peculiar properties seem to emerge which would seem counter intuitive to the hostility of their environment, but is evidently a necessity for survival, such as the manner in which their metabolisms are accelerated in such a way as injuries rapidly heal, though not in the uniform manner in which a cut or abrasion will naturally return to a similar patch of skin if given enough time and appropriate treatment where necessary, but producing peculiar asymmetries the allow these figures to continue surviving, but living a half-life, in a state of gradual decay and renewal, never fixed in form, but in a perpetual state of metamorphosis.

Broken bones rebind themselves, backs bow, bulk bulges in brilliant repugnance as they become bastard brethren, beasts of the body, looking ever further from man, but still sane, initially.

But once called a demon, and the body has followed in this fall, then so too will the mind. Eventually, all that remains are scars, the man is gone; only the animal flesh is left, clinging together like so much rotten meat. Fiercely revolted by its own form, repulsed by the world, and wrought a fate fraught with repugnant indignation, degenerating and regenerating ever more foul, ever further from humanity, ever a refugee from all civilisation, all sensation but anguish and scorn, lost and forlorn, condemned and irredeemable, the damage irreversible, their faith irrevocable irreconcilable with the religion of a reality so cruel and unforgiving.

All those people who had their place made for them, and they made to fulfil their own bespoke purpose, suddenly wandering without reason, displaced, outside of their world, beyond the realm of reason, falling fathoms from the rim of rationality. What else it to be expected, then, for these demonised souls to become demons. How they far they fall, and “how unlike the place from whence they fell!” (Milton, 1676)

Yet, it is worth considering the circumstances that result in the formation of these poor souls, lest an unwitting ignorance befall civilisation and “eyes be darkened that they not see, and bow down their back always,” so it must be asked “have they stumble that they should fall?” (Romans 11:10 – 11:13) Do they deserve their fate, or does it afflict them as all must face the forces that avail against them?

Those cast from the security of the Castra and subject to decimation, for the most part, simply die, and generally swiftly. Exposure tends to claim former citizens with little hesitation, as to go from total collective contentment to state of independent infamy and face the world of the Wastes beyond the great domes of the Metro cities is a tremendous shock to all. Those members of society; soldiers, scientific researchers and other necessary rovers of the ravaged land must be thoroughly protected from the elements, such is the contrast of environment of utter control and total despondency within and without the walls.

It is not simply a matter of the radical shifts in hot and cold common which proliferate in peaceful and virgin landscapes, but the terrors of great atomic firestorms which rage with immaculate fury, should and fool attempt to raise Pandemonium, they will see only further destruction from their efforts, in feckless attempts to reclaim some sense of civilisation from the Wastes.





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