Writing: Sure Enough Said

by Beauchamp Art

(Ferality Tele Vision)

Your biggest sycophantic
frantic king lay her down to
rest and recuperate it five out of temptation

Furious indignation state meant of factory labour
under false pretentious escalate to the part
time weighs all men tally the scores once moron

Ridiculous simple stupid arrow row your
merrily ignorant to the crowdy sorts it all out
and about of wit nesting black bird song

For give me your arm or sword in handy
work something out manned
woe is meander falling fast ‘till morn for

Magnificent of something foul head spin doctor
a receipt at the table a motion of no
confident in the head lightning storm

Ferality tele vision of a great grand father clock
That all six foot is misplaced no stumbling
but getting upset at no old tat

Rambling across strewn high land a position yourself
where you can see
Sure enough said.