Weekly Summary: 13.2.17 – 19.2.17

by Beauchamp Art

Ben Again - 28

This week has been reasonably busy, and I have been both updating existing sculptures, primarily making slight modifications to the Ben Again sculpture (though I have only one front on image of this, as to render the full range of angles again would take some time) and making more significant alterations to the John Hurt model, alongside working on new pieces, including another Decimari figure


Winston [John Hurt] - WIP 03

I started working on a bust of Natile Portman in V for Vendetta using Mudbox, which I intent to finish in Zbrush next week. This is not only due her strong performance in the film adaption of Alan Moore’s work, but also on a slightly more fundamental level, that I have not sculpted many female faces, outside of the Tilda Swinton model from last year, which not my strongest work. Moreover, as her head is shaved in the film, this provides and interesting opportunity to attempt to communicate a female face without the gendered short-hand longer hair may offer the lazy sculptor.

Evey [Natalie Portman] WIP

I have also been working on more writing for the Motherland of Exiles project, and have begun collecting images together for this project into one folder on Flickr.

Truculentus Decimari - 01

However, it has also been busier at work due to the run up to an architecture Crit for the second years, so the large format printing was up and running, after the usual experimentation with setting that are required to produce consistent prints. Thus, I have been delving in and out of projects and pieces, rather that committing time solidly to individual works.

City of Cinder [Charcoal]

Additionally, when going through a number of old digital paintings, discovering I have upwards of 20 or 30 works in various stages of completion which I have abandoned for some time, I also decided to upload some old sketches and drawings which I scanned this time last year, intending to transform them into digital paintings, but are quite pleasing in and of themselves, thus I have decided to upload them as they are, including some older examples which I have since finalised. There are a few more updates that need to take place on my website, due to this recent output, so that my best works are brought to the front of my online portfolio, should they ever be required.