Weekly Summary – 20.2.17 – 26.2.17

by Beauchamp Art

Le Charpentier

Not a totally unproductive seven days, I finished and rendered the reworked John Hurt, though the 360 documentation uses some ambient light settings that are questionable, but the frontal shot still works reasonably well. Moreover, I completed another Decimari figure, and a few more of the Cammarades drawings, which appear to be mostly well received by those depicted, though characterising certain individuals is considerably more difficult than others.

Winston [John Hurt] - 01 alt

Additionally, I have been working on a few written pieces, and playing around with poetry, particularly a form of overflowing text, with phrases running into one another (which, for now, is being referred to as the ‘David Bowie Thing’, giving his use of lyrical structure). Though the poems themselves are not especially significant, having spoken to more seasoned poet, it appears the style may be worth pursing.


Truculentus Decimari - 35

La Grâce et le Chiot