Weekly Summary: 6.3.17 – 12.3.17

by Beauchamp Art

Decimari Perversum - 01

Although I finished the latest Decimari model, and have rendered about half of the images of the figure, I am not happy with the quality of the images produced, and may need to render it again, as I think I may have left the sup-pixel detail low or forgot to enable anti-aliasing for the Fibremesh components. Although the Decimari Perversum lighting shows the model in full fairly effectively, using a modified version of the Truculentus Decimari lighting, I may import the lighting and material properties from the Soror Macer Decimari renders, as I was particularly pleased with the outcome of those images; there was plenty of detail, even in the shadows and the skin, reflective components and hair all met a reasonable standard. Although this process of re-rendering shall be time consuming, I feel it will benefit how the model will be seen significantly enough to warrant the effort.

Ribcage - 04

Moreover, I had a brief experiment with some photography of my own figure; although the outcome is reasonable, it is more of a vanity project than anything worth excessive analysis.


Similarly, I have made a few more of the Camarades illustrations, which have come out to a fair standard, and have been well received.

Additionally, I started reading Daniel Goleman’s Social Intelligence, which is especially interesting in conjunction with Turkle’s Reclaiming Conversation, that I am still plodding through, alongside The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and various Robert Heinlein audiobooks.

Le Collecteur