Writing: Tin Ear

by Beauchamp Art

Nothing head but a single bell,
Struck once but ringing out ever more.
Following in its relentless resonance,
Reverberating in perpetuity;
Its chime dissonant, yet constant
As cracked brass struck by stern hammer,
Falling through rafters relentlessly.
Colouring silence ever far from pitch,
Staining every sound as bitumen,
Tarring inner ear in its dull hue.
Calamitous cacophony as mobiles sine wave
Oscillating in tuneless tinny rhapsody.
That solitary not with its subtle disharmony.
How unlike a symphony, how far from a choir.
Ever that timeless tome,
Trickling its sharp but pointless note.
It is the sound of daybreak,
The song of wakeful rest.