In Response to: Theresa May Refuses to make ‘gay cure’ therapy illegal in the UK

by Beauchamp Art

Theresa May Refuses to make ‘gay cure’ therapy illegal in the UK
Petition to make conversion therapy illegal received over 32,000 signatures

I hope this won’t affect the funding for the new independent college I have been working so long to establish. St Sodomy’s has a rich curriculum, and is surprisingly open and welcoming, but I can’t imagine having to teach them such filth as May is offering, even we have standards, and our entry requirements worm out any potential initiates who might be offended or shocked by what’s on offer. But should our back be against the wall, we can still put up a struggle, and won’t ease into any such doctrine.

If there’s one thing St Sodomy’s Technical Institute stands erect for, its the right to probe all aspects of learning, and not discriminate against those who wish to thrust their eager heads into the depths of knowledge, without being persecuted for the manner in which hard lessons may be given. For shame that such bigotry be passed into policy, it’s a violation of the worst sort.