Weekly Summary: 13.3.17 – 19.3.17

by Beauchamp Art

Soror Macer Decimari - Pose - 18

In addition to writing various bits of what could loosely be referred to as poetry and a small amount of prose, I also created a dynamic pose of the Soror Macer Decimari model, using the rigging system in Zbrush, with some reasonable success; essentially borrowing the pose from a model of the Xenomorph from the Alien film franchise.

However as I had try to keep the SubDivision levels as few as possible, but still maintain a high level of detail, when it came to repositioning the limbs, there was a certain amount of lag, and slightly peculiar effect occurring around the joints of the rig that were amended manually afterwords; which did mean having to recreate the Fibremesh arrangement to correspond with the alterations, though this was not overly strenuous.

As for the writing, certain themes seem to be emerging, often as a result of laying in bed whilst attempting penmanship, thoughts on being in a half-awake state, pondering dreams, nightmares, and oddly religious visions (probably as a result of listening to an audiobook of Robert Heinlein’s Job), inter-cut with an indulgent level of introspection. Nevertheless, these little writing exercises are occasionally resulting in the odd, half-decent line here and there.

On a none-fictional note, I have also been working through reading Daniel Goleman’s Social Intelligence, which is fascinating, and despite some of the more technical aspects regarding neuroscience being beyond my speciality, it is still providing a rich ground for contemplation, and turning over form a socio-philosophical perspective.