Written: Rough Cut

by Beauchamp Art

From below clay earth,

Birth black brilliance,

As polished coal,

Flat fracture and chiselled sharp.


No diamond but all the greater

To gleam amongst kindred charred rock,

Their tumultuous roar buries you.


Lost under umber shade,

In heaps of ancient stone,

Casting up chocking dust and clogging lungs,

Coughing in half-light.

Cold and in rush to fetch enough to heat an eve,

Keep corners and cracks around old doors free of draughts,

To perch on a comforting hearth.


Watch ember unfurl in cancerous radiance,

All world beyond the fire place

A shadow-play on cave wall.


No remembrance of your momentary gleam,

Reflecting what little pale glow was about.


No, they’ll all be ashes all the same,

Whence morn come and cinders dwindle,

All warmth departed,

All jewels spent.


Your irradiance,

So much grey dust,

So much dull soot,

So much for you,

You long gone dark thing.


A coal heart never beats,

But burns bright.