Weekly Summary: 24.4.17 – 30.4.17

by Beauchamp Art

Infidelibus Decimari - [2] - 36

Though the pace at work upon my return has hasten, I have still found some time to work on a few little projects, updating old sculptures, working on new ones, do a few more illustrations and sketches. But the most prominent project at the moment is a 51 minute sound piece I am putting together for one of my peer’s as part of their degree show display, using various instrumental loops from a selection of songs, strung together into a new composition.

La Couturière

So far, I am about 30 minutes in, but still have more than half the samples to integrate, which may require going over completed sections and adding additional layers, varying the texture further, and hopefully creating a rich soundscape with enough musical content to satisfy the commission.

Tounge Snail - WIP - 02

Moreover, I am starting to make reasonable progress with establishing a narrative for the Motherland of Exiles project, with sections of more literary content have begun to take shape, emerging in part out other forays in to prose through other short story ideas, gradually being cobbled together into a form that could at least be said to have begun in a vague, unofficial faculty.

However, I also have various lingering projects which need attending to, plenty of partially completed digital paintings, photos to edit, and all sort. Mercifully, I am feeling more motivated to make than I have done in some time. Still, I also have other practical life matters to attend to, which shall mean the following summer period will undoubtedly be a busy one.