by Beauchamp Art


Not by Clarity Amrein

From Theresa May to Jean-Claude Juncker:

“Oh my dear,
Has it been a long time?
Twenty-three years now?
My, how time flies.

It was around this time,
When the leaves had all turned,
And EU changed me too,
Forever for the worse.

But it’s as vivid as yesterday,
And just as painful too,
A day has yet to pass,
When I forget about EU.

Some people think I made EU up,
Oh, what credit I’d receive,
For imagining such a horrible person as EU,
And the horrible things EU did to me.

And sadly,
This world will never know EU’r name,
EU can’t be held responsible,
EU can never hold the shame.

But EU know nothing of shame,
Of horror or of hate,
When EU have something stolen from EU,
That can’t ever be replaced.

I think EU’ve forgotten about me, though,
Just as easy as the breeze,
Like a good night’s sleep is all EU need,
To put EU’r mind at ease.

I haven’t slept in all this time,
And I won’t let EU either,
EU’ve forgotten me, did EU?
I’ll burn EU up like a fever.

Oh, but this won’t last, I know,
I’ll heal and eventually mend,
But I’ll keep haunting EU,
Just until then.

So here’s my letter,
Perhaps a little gift too,
A “gift” EU never wanted,
Sound familiar to EU?

Just a little card to forget-me-not,
To let EU know I’m doing well,
To let EU know I’ll always hate EU,
And I hope EU rot in hell.”