Benjamin S. Beauchamp is a multi-disciplined artist, intermittent wrangler of words and frequenter of tangents, currently based in Norwich following the completion of a BA Fine Art degree at NUA, graduating with a First Class Honours.

Perpetually intrigued by societal interactions, communication technologies and engaging in a critical discourse surrounding the man/machine dichotomy; his multi-faceted, multi-media practice, includes dysphoric digital works, audio/visual materials integrating installation and public performative elements with frenzied imagery, alongside a sustained technical interest in the transition between mediums, engaging with digital sculpture and painting projects, in addition to the post-Structuralist and Deconstructionist media examinations resulting in abstract film works; to generate a partially refined chaos that amplifies the interference to find harmonies in the feedback.

By exploiting mechanical fallibility to abstract the objective, distort the subjective, and undermine the perceptive, with a relentlessly frantic curiosity, he explores the effects and use of mediation, manipulation and the information overload, capitalising on contextually informed conceptual aestheticism in order to produce a dynamic multitude of works, provoking stimulating debate and discussion.

Debaucherous reality is made monstrous by unconscious perceptions rendered conspicuous through his endeavours.


BeauchampArtWork@gmail.com /Ā BeauchampVideo@gmail.com