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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Digital: Ophidia Decimari

Ophidia Decimari - 01


Ophidia Decimari

The Hydra-tounged serpentine form of the Ophidia Decimari, lady of fallen lakes, drowned immortal; what bloody maidenhead is she.

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Digital: Cephalolingua

Cephalolingua - 01


Sliver livered unlively likeness, a skull cracked split tounged terror.

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Digital: Biplex Decimari

Biplex Decimari - 01

Biplex Decimari

Two-faced, fork tongued, sphincter eyed, such aberration afflicts the mispoken in sufferage.

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Digital/Writing: Lingua Cochlea

Cochlea Lingua - 01

Lingua Cochlea

Essentially a pile of rogue stem cells, these snail-like examples of the various residents of the Wastes truely are an abomination; like a tumour since vacated its host, becoming its own animal, alien to the original human organism from whence it came, but determined to never stray too far from their path.

The creature referred to as the Lingua Cochlea (or more plainly, the ‘Tongue Snail’, though Centurions with a poor humour have also been known to call this cretin ‘Cupid’, given is method of romantically entangling two unwitting individuals as its lovers to labour, to be described here) are parasitic in their mode of reproduction, and require gametes and more stem cells from a living male and female to produce more of their kind. How they extract these necessary components is both fascinating and frankly horrifying. Once a figure has been incapacitated by first partly asphyxiating one individual, by leaping headlong at their unfortunate victims face, pressing itself strongly against their features, forming a air tight seal around their mouth and nose with their large, sphincter grip on the underside of their body, with the tongue like feet grasping around the override of the skull, and beneath two sides of the jaw, another limb extends from the opening sphincter, forcing open the victim’s mouth whilst still cutting off their breathing.

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Digital: Camarades VII


La Civette

La Civette

Chive, another fine Playhouse spirit.

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Audio: Eine Gesamtkunstwerk Sinfonie

Eine Gesamtkunstwerk Sinfonie

Benjamin S. Beauchamp & James Snelling

Samples from various songs. I do not hold the copyright for any of the individual material used, only this reworking.

Digital: Avitus Decimari

Avitus Decimari - 01

Avitus Decimari

An ancient figure, seen many a year pass before his failing eyes, turned foul by the ruination of the Wastes.

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Writing: Motherland of Exiles: Unbirth of a Republic

…with it came visions of the past and images of what was yet to be, all caught in the instantaneous simultanaity at the moment of detonation of the first and only tacheon bomb. History collided with present and future.

From the first flint cracking against flint, man’s initial spark of creation and destruction unified in one action, echoing through the ages, through ever conflict and carved edifices of his greatest craft, to his untimely conclusion in a distant haze, through the dark veil of this terrible time seen about this current Metropolitan State, to the global unification of a People’s International Republic of Earth, his first steps beyond the limits of the Earth, the breadth of the Solar System, the colossal reaches of the galaxy, and his unending quest to seek the edges of a seemingly limitless universe. Read the rest of this entry »



Not by Clarity Amrein

From Theresa May to Jean-Claude Juncker:

“Oh my dear,
Has it been a long time?
Twenty-three years now?
My, how time flies.

It was around this time,
When the leaves had all turned,
And EU changed me too,
Forever for the worse.

But it’s as vivid as yesterday,
And just as painful too,
A day has yet to pass,
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Digital: Tounge Snail [WIP]

Tounge Snail - WIP - 01

Tounge Snail [WIP]

An abomination.

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