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Written: The Effects of Mediated Perception in an Era of Screen-Based Overabundance

Benjamin Samuel Beauchamp

BA5: Focus 2: Developing Critique and Dialogue. 20.2.2014


The Effects of Mediated Perception in an Era of Screen-Based Overabundance

How do digital environments effect the interpretation of images and information?

“The monitor is everywhere in the network society. It is not merely a medium for reproduction which increasingly dominates mass communication.” [Dijk, 1991: 177]

When considering how the mediation of perception affects the individual’s interpretation of images and information in the contemporary network society, the role of individuals’ interactions with digital imagery in “an era of screen based image overabundance and ephemerality” [Ritchin, 2013: 49] its importance cannot be ignored compared to other socio-mechanical advances. This essay’s focal point is computer-screen image, though related media will be discussed: television, cinema, books, and the “electronic super highway” [Danzico, 2012] of the Internet.

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Weekly Summary 17.2.14 – 21.2.14

Preparing for assessment is generally a chaotic experience, akin to picking out one’s own coffin and selecting which nails to be hammered in first.
With an essay to be finalized, researched to be rounded off, and works to be resolved, before putting everything together for the final hand in, one has to ultimately prioritize. Therefore, I resolved to suspend any current works in progress and put them towards the next unit, and just get my current works presentable, alongside the written work.
The film making workshop with Mark Waller was an interesting experience, and hopefully will result in some good works, rather than just experiments.

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Online: Réunion Fiction

kelly erasmus on fb

Réunion Fiction

A Life Like Image by Benjamin Beauchamp
After my peer received news that their place on Erasmus exchange in the Réunion Island was confirmed, they were rather elated, and to celebrate, I offered to make a quick mock-up of them there, using stock photos of the island from Google, and previous holiday photos taken from their Facebook. I crudely cobbled the two together, inserted them into the seascape, adding a small amount of reflection into the water and adjusting the light levels. However, as this was done with low-resolution images, I was limited as to how much detail I could go into with the manipulation, giving the picture an awkward lo-fi aesthetic that is deliberately not complicated and obviously edited.

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Online: Homeless Liam

homeless liam comments

Homeless Liam (Down and Out Duncan)

Continuing in the socially integrated sardonic manipulation of my friend’s Facebook photos, in this piece I took an image of an individual resting a train station toilets, and made it resemble a poster for the Salvation Army. By darkening and cooling the colour palette, applying the logo that bleeds out a reddish hue, along with the tag line of winter awareness campaign that they used, along with the website. For all intensive purposes, this is a reasonable Poster for the Salvation Army, though the manipulations were done relatively basically as is not intended to be a particularly extravagant display of graphic design potential.

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Thoughts on: Doubling Word Limits

The tradition of doubling word limits shall again be upheld.
Currently (with less than 5 days until submission), the word limit for my essay is now close to 4400, though I’ve concluded that it is in fact three essays in one. I had divided it under three headers to start with “The Screen, The Network, The Individual”, but then each one of those became quite bloated, so I’ll probably just take “The Screen” as that’s a healthy 1400, whereas “The Network is around 800, and “The Individual” is at around the same point along with the conclusion, though there is still a few hundred words of spare quotes left over. This essay is essentially a series of connections between previous points, with new comparisons and a few examples. I might have to keep this draft and use it as the basis for my dissertation, then double it and go for 10K.
It would probably be best to immediately sever the extra section, and just take their best points, rather than writing it in full and end up with some ridiculously gargantuan text to cut down at the end.

Writing essays can sometimes be, as a peer of mine pointed out, like writing a Twitter post; having to cut it down to the bare essentials to the point at which is only just makes sense.

Even with just the introduction, the section on the screen, and the rather hefty conclusion, it still reaches over 2200; with the addition of the highlight from the compressed sections, that goes up to 3000, though as around 500 of that is highly fragmented, and the rest does not flow at all, there is still much work to be done. Though if I have a finished draft by the end of Monday, I will be content, and can spend Tuesday polishing it up.

Thoughts on: Approach to BA5

I think I may fail this unit catastrophically.

I have done about 5% of the work I did for the last unit, and I only just got a 1st. I have not done a range of works, but for once I have focused and done a few things thoroughly, repetitively, and half of them derived from work from the previous unit.

My research in terms of artist is minimal, I have looked at a lot of artist, but have not documented any of it. I have not even read that much in terms of the number of books, and I am relying more on my previous unit’s research than anything recent. I have not typed up any of my notes at all; not from the Lectures Presentations or Thematic Crits, usually prosperous sources of reflection. I have only written when something has felt explicitly relevant, which little has, so I have been more considered in how I annotated my works and structured my work for the unit.

For the first time since I can remember, I have not worked frantically and hazardously. I have worked linearly, documenting my process and reflected whilst working and not left a load to do at the end. I have spent time critically thinking about my work, and put forward pieces for open submission (all of which I have been rejected from). I have kept my files organised, and by doing less I have been able to have a more centralised and rigorous approach.

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Conceptual: Exploring Non-Place [Abandoned]

Early on in this unit, I decided I wanted to explore something slightly separate to the technologically enthused theme and aesthetic of the rest of my works, and for this I endeavoured to take a series of photos and produce a short film involving non-places and such products of hypermodernity.
For this I set out to explore two connected ‘non-places’, an underground car park and a shopping centre’s fire escape – which I had accidentally come across in a previous exploration of the local commercial landscape.
I did go to the said locations (that I shall not specify there exact locations, as will be explained momentarily), and took a number of photos and filmed in short bursts around the car park, skimming across the roofs of the glistening motor vehicles, strafing between them, following the movement of cars around the space, turning in corners, and so forth. I was intending to compile this footage together into a short film, around 4 minutes accompanied by a soundscape made from the raw atmospheric sounds combined with reprocessed audio, to make a looping film that would allude to some sort of narrative, almost happening, like an elongated opening sequence to a movie, but never going anywhere.

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Weekly Summary – 10.2.14 – 16.2.14

Multiplicity Be-gets Chaotic Ubiquity

Friday’s Pop Culture crit served as an effect catapult into the formal start of the essay (on screens), and in traditional style, the word-count was overshot by around a thousand words by the end of the second day of writing.
Moreover, a number of photographs were taken, along side short films from the screen using continual footage, which are intended to be submitted for BA5, however, should there not be enough time for these to be completed, they can be amalgamated into the next unit.
Furthermore, all of the exhibition opportunities that I have applied for have rejected me thus far, so getting something sorted for BA6 may be problematic, though I am still intending on participating in uni-directed activates, and possibly show work in the Fabric Warehouse.

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Film: Disinterred I – II

Disinterred [Slow]

Pixels Proliferating, Oversaturating, Devouring, All-Consuming

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Thoughts on: Word Limits

Exceeding word limits is a necessary part of writing; one must then prioritise and focus one’s points, referring everything back to a central theme – as much as this can be reduced through planning, some points may only seem unnecessary in retrospect.