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Digital: Glitch Gate

Glitch Gate - 01

Glitch Gate

3D model of a gate and wall, gone rouge when imported in Zbrush.

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Photos: Henry Driver Basement Experiments

Henry Driver Basement Experiments - 21

Henry Driver Basement Experiments

Documentation of video experiments by Henry Driver in Gunton’s Basement.

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Exhibit: Circuit – Junction – Benjamin Beauchamp

Benjamin Beauchamp - Circuit - Junction - 11

Circuit – Junction – Benjamin Beauchamp

Documentation of my work installed as part of the Circuit event at the Junction in Cambridge, as part of the Digital Residency at Firstsite. 11.06.2016

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Films: RGB [Post Exhibit]

RGB [Post Exhibit]

Reworking the Digital Residency exhibition opening images with the RGB film; deconstructing and reconstructing in increasingly abstract flashing colour phases, disassociated from any previous figurative content.

Film: AW RGB Inverted [Alt 1 & 2]

AW RGB Inverted [Alt 2]

Alternative version of the RGB Andy Warhol film playing at 25% speed with an inverted border, with a drone version of the Shepard’s Tone variation of the arpeggiated soundtrack.


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Exhibit: Float Digital Showcase

Float Digital May Showcase - 24

Float Digital Showcase

Documentation of the Float Digital Showcase at the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester 24.05.2016.

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Film: Warhol Tennis


Warhol Tennis

Video tennis match; a collaboration between Benjamin S. Beauchamp & William Fulton as part of the Digital Factory Residency at the Firstsite gallery in Colchester.

Here a short video depicting a screen recording of the facial recognition on Facebook (mis)identifies the FaceSwap image of myself dressed as Andy Warhol and images of him and his work featuring his face, which I have replaced. The original altered photos were by William Fulton, as part of the Sunday Group Critique.

Firstsite VJ Workshop

Firstsite VJ Workshop - 19

Firstsite VJ Workshop 24.4.16

Documentation of the VJing workshop at Firstsite led by Liam Roberts and Frazier Merrick, with fellow Digital Factory resident Sian Fann.

A demonstration of collaboration, the resulting works as shown here illustrate the collective work of all participants, their shared authorship reflects a shared ownership, distilled through the lens of photography, where the event itself was one of unity; unique spontaneity, but the post-script, the photographic documentation, is inevitably marked predominantly by the photographer’s hand, regardless of any egalitarian intentions.

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Films: Float Workshop Extracts

Float Workshop Extract I

Extracts from a workshop as part of the Float Circuit residency at Firstsite. 24.04.16

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Film: Andy Warhol Triphase

RGB Triphase [Post-Warhol] from Beauchamp Art on Vimeo.

RGB Triphase (2016) Benjamin S. Beauchamp

Warhol removed from the RGB Warhol video, leaving only the flashing phases of colour.
A Structuralist study for the Digital Residency at the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester.

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