On Peer Assessment

by Beauchamp Art

(Recommendation to a peer ask to mark their fellow students work)

Declare the marking system invalid as it only reiterates existing hierarchies, which within the creative field will only result in stagnation and a constant recycling of clichés.
Say the only means of assessing a work is through the discourse it generates, and even the most overlooked works may be worth consideration, they are just not yet to find their appropriate context.

To label one another’s work, and thereby the person producing it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ adds nothing to an effective discourse, and seeks only to validate one’s own opinion.
Make interesting points, discuss technical limitations and possibilities, but be aware that the means of assessment are not the sole means of designating worth; their validation comes through social consequence, and cultural significance, as well as furthering personal understanding.

Commercial creativity that is undertaken with the exclusive aim of generating capital is not a means of validating, valuing or marking work.

Just because something is worth a large some of money does not mean it has any value within society; money is merely a tool towards further ends and thereby, the potential to generate capital is not in itself a means of assessing value, only what may be done with that potential, in order to transform passive production-as-consumption (of pre-existing strata and standards) into active production-as-creative-movement.