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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Writing: Part Time

Yeah, it’s such a great time to work part time,
can’t afford anything,
can’t claim anything,
can’t get the work,
can’t cope,
can’t hang with no rope to hold to,
all supports are cut
and what have we got to complain about?
we’ve never had it so good to be alive thriving,
surviving in the spiral downwards,
onwards and upworthy of
what have we got to loose
end don’t tend to make
a safety networking
when the work it out there
if you get on that bye bye cycle
until those legs
are sought it handing out CV’s like bad advice,
thrown as rice to disappointed carrion crows and a harpy colony,
nesting in roof toffs,
all that warmth in winter rising to the rafters, guano where to go, concreted by head falling faecal matter of facts facts facts. Read the rest of this entry »


Digital: Blonde He Re Ben

Blonde He ReBen - 01

Blonde He Re Ben

Combination of the 2 most recent versions of the auto-bust.

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Digital: Blonde He

Blonde He - 01

Blonde He

Every time I change my hair I update this model.

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Digital: ReBen

ReBen - 01


Another hair cut [Unfinished Render]

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Digital: Creatus Decimari

Creatus Decimari - 01

Creatus Decimari

Son nor daughter, for the forebears of Wastes, in this decimated form, a child born with its only progeny to be that of agony.

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Photos: Shuvlova

Shuvalova - 01



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WE: YOU, ME Proposal

WE: YOU, ME Proposal

Launch evening Fri 13 Oct 2017 6pm – 9pm


Unsound Body and Mind




I, Benjamin S. Beauchamp, being of unsound body and mind declare that in this performance I shall spout nonsense before an audience, if only I had something to say.
This is not my will, nor should any of my testimony be considered binding.
In this non compos mentis state, I shall place words in an order unbefitting of decent language.
I invoke meaning to be lost in the failing translation of thought into a form that can be communicated, and in this miscommunication, new meaning may be found, whereupon my intent shall become irrelevant.

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Photos: Kristy Campbell – Float – Identity

Kristy Campbell - Float - Identity - 01

Kristy Campbell – Float – Identity

Documentation of Kristy Campbell’s work at the Float. Identity event.

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Photos: Kirstin Bicker – Float – Identity

Kirstin Bicker - Float - Identity - 02

Kirstin Bicker – Float – Identity

Documentation of Kirstin Bicker work as part of the Float. Identity exhibition.

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Photos: Lookin

Lookin - 01


Looking closely at some point around midday.

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