Beauchamp Art

B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Audio: PHASE 2


Demo track from around 2017; phases of repeating music with improvised melody.

Reworking of Phase 1: Beauchampmusic – Phase-1

Weekly Summary – 9.1.17 – 15.1.17

Decimari Figure - 35

I managed to finish the Decimari figure this week, and documented it fairly thoroughly from a range of perspectives, although having it as an 3D object which could be embed on a website would still probably be more useful. Nevertheless, the resulting render was fairly successful, and despite the limitations of Zbrush’s lighting tools, the resulting images effectively amplify the ghastliness of the figure’s form.

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Digital: Decimari Figure

Decimari Figure - 01

Decimari Figure

Full figure model of a Decimari figure, the demonized form of on forever in flight or flight, a refugee of never ending war.

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Photos: Frostscape

Frostscape - 09


Photos of the frosty Wolds in the December of 2016.

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Photos: Nightfog

Nightfog - 03


Photos out the window on an engulfing dark night.

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Weekly Summary – 26.12.16 – 1.1.17

Frostscape - 05

Whilst still up north, I tried to make practical use of my time there, so found myself decorating whilst listening to Ray Bradbury; not exactly the peak of my artistic output, but probably the most painting I have done in a while, besides helping out with a few coats on another house, and that self-portrait of debatable quality. Nevertheless, due to the wonders of the winter land, I managed to take a few reasonable photographs of the frost-laden ground with heavy fog pressing upon it, resulting in some reasonable landscape imagery.

Outside of this, I have returned to Norwich and the New Year has begun. I do not have anything particularly lined up, like the Colchester residency in early 2016, but perhaps it would be worth me looking into more opportunities to make and display work, to give myself some motivation to continue.
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Weekly Summary – 19.12.16 – 25.12.16

Holkham Woodlands - 18

I managed to get through a reasonable amount of photography and editing this week, though the outcome is just a few landscape shots and selfies, as I am heading up north for the winter break,a veritable smorgasbord of activity was not predicted. Nevertheless, I had a reasonable day out in Hull; the 2017 UK City of Culture, wandering around the old town and treating the occasion as if I were a tourist, which given current circumstance, would not be wholly inaccurate – but regardless, it was interesting seeing the development of the city taking place, with ‘ART’ being integrated and imposed into the inner city landscape.

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Photos: Holkham Woodlands

Holkham Woodlands - 04

Holkham Woodlands

Taken around Holkham Bay in Winter, 2016.

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Photos: Holkham Bay

Holkham Bay - 01

Holkham Bay

Taken around Holkham Bay in Winter, 2016.

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Photos: Pale Light

Pale Light - 03

Pale Light

Selfies out back.

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