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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Weekly Summary: 28.11.16 – 4.12.16

Autoportrait in Oils

This has been a reasonably productive week, as I managed to work on two 3D sculptures, document my painting and an exhibition, as well as keep up with my Instagram and attempts at returning to doing more regular photography, and have been keeping my website up to date with recent digital works.

On the note of the portrait, I decided not to add another coat of paint, and leave it as a single session painting, a useful exercise and practice that will probably end up stuffed behind furniture, out of sight, soon enough.

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Photos: New Nunns’ Yard

New Nunns' Yard - 03

New Nunns’ Yard

Photos at the new Nunns’ Yard gallery.

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Photos: terra, terror, tear here

Documentation of the ‘terra, terror, tear here’ exhibition, Dec 2016, featuring the works of Rebecca Liles, James Snelling, Lily Troup, and a newly commissioned sound work by Roger Eno.

Nunns Yard Gallery, 22-25 St Augustine’s Street, Norwich NR3 3BY.

James Snelling - terra, terror, tear here - Dec 2016 - 07

James Snelling – terra, terror, tear here – Dec 2016

Documentation of James Snelling’s sculpture as part of the ‘terra, terror, tear here’ exhibition.

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Painting: Autoportrait in Oils

Autoportrait in Oils

Autoportrait in Oils

Autoportrait in oil paints on wooden board, November 2016. Painted in a mirror in around 2-3 hours.

This is the first oil painting I have done in some time.

Digital: Decimari Mutant III

Decimari Mutant III - 01


Decimari Mutant III

Third Decimari sculpture; a more distorted ghoul with lesions and scars galore, and rat-like hair sprouting from the rear of the malformed skull.

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Weekly Summary: 21.11.16 – 27.11.16


This week I have been working on some drawings, and a few digital paintings, and have set up an Instagram profile with the intention of using it to revitalise my enthusiasm for photography, and would at the very least give me something to post on here on a semi-regular basis. However, actual output has been minimal.

Digital: Triolith



Illuminator of hegemony

Research: Zdzisław Beksiński talks about painting technique

Zdzisław Beksiński talks about painting technique.

An 1997 interview by Piotr Słowikowski.

Weekly Summary: 14.11.16 – 20.11.16

Decimari III Mutant [WIP]

I was mostly working on a few digital paintings this week, and put some time into a couple that have been dragging on for a while, such as the Profluvium piece, which is not the best composition I have come up with, so may be revisited in the near future.

Work has been quite busy this week, with the large format printer being somewhat difficult, and some flooding causing disruption. Nevertheless, I have managed to squeeze in a small amount of work on another Decimari sculpture, mostly modify the symmetric model and preparing it for rendering.

Outside of this, its been another burn.

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Digital: Profluvium



The overflow from the Castra and the Precariarii’s small docks, overlooked by rogues.

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