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Firstsite Q&A

Questions from Conni Rosewarne (MRes Arts and Cultural Research, University of Brighton) regarding my time at Firstsite as part of the Digital Residency program.

How did you first become interested/involved with the Digital Factory Residency?

Prior to the residency, my first interaction with Firstsite was in 2014 for an pop-up exhibition undertaken as part of my Fine Art course at the Norwich University of the Arts. For this, we were putting together a show featuring the works of a number of students from the university, of which I was one. For this, I made a short looping video, which featured every image from searching ‘Colchester’ in Google merging together; as the piece was to be in response to some element of Firstsite and the surrounding area. This was then displayed on an iPad, and from this myself and others drew from the video, creating a large, increasingly abstract chalk drawing on the black boards in on of the educational spaces.

However, since then I have had a few interactions with Firstsite, having participated as an artists at one of the Float events, and was the photographer for one of the featured artists at the Phantom event last year. Following this, I received and email from one of the staff at Firstsite regarding the residency. I then applied, as the criteria, themes and environment involved in it appealed to me as a means of extending my practice and engaging in a public-facing institution alongside other artists.

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Audio: AW Triphase & Shepard Tone


AW Triphase & Shepard Tone

Soundtrack to the Andy Warhol Triphase films, alongside the Strange Loop/Shepard Tone variations. A post-Warholian Shepard Tone infused synthetic Structuralist soundscape.

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Films: Digital Factory: Exhibition Opening

Digital Factory: Exhibition Opening

Documentation of the opening event for the Digital Factory exhibition at the Firstsite gallery in Colchester.

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Film: RGB Invert [Post-Warhol]

RGB Invert [Post-Warhol]

Altered version of the RGB Warhol video, played at 50% speed and 50% scale overlaid onto the original (at the more standard 1080p 16:9: HD resolution), with the sound track also slowed down alongside a version pitch-shifted down an octave.

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Digital: Bowie

Bowie - 01


Digital sculpture of David Bowie.

To be documented more extensively in September.

Exhibit: Digital Factory Event

Digital Factory - Exhibition Launch - Event03

Digital Factory – Exhibition Launch – Event


Documentation of the opening exhibition for the Digital Factory, at the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester.

Featuring the works of:

Benjamin Beauchamp

Sian Finn

Susi Disorder

Will Fulton

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Exhibit: Digital Factory Installation

Digital Factory - Exhibition Launch - Install - Sian - 11

Digital Factory – Exhibition Launch – Install


Installation documentation of the opening exhibition for the Digital Factory, at the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester.

Featuring the works of:

Benjamin Beauchamp

Sian Finn

Susi Disorder

Will Fulton

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Digital: Decimari II

Decemari II - 09

Decimari II

The second Decimari sculpture, made in Zbrush. Definitely more inhuman than the sketched designs, pushing it in a more animalistic direction, with influence from the Fallout Ghouls, the Librarians in Metro 2033, Nemesis in Resident Evil, and any other number of Zombie-like designs.

For a more meek man; blighted by the world style design, I may have to refer to sketches and direct studies, possibly incorporating more of the figure, and the genderless androgenicity of the design.

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Film: Warhol Tennis


Warhol Tennis

Video tennis match; a collaboration between Benjamin S. Beauchamp & William Fulton as part of the Digital Factory Residency at the Firstsite gallery in Colchester.

Here a short video depicting a screen recording of the facial recognition on Facebook (mis)identifies the FaceSwap image of myself dressed as Andy Warhol and images of him and his work featuring his face, which I have replaced. The original altered photos were by William Fulton, as part of the Sunday Group Critique.

Digital Factory Statement 25.4.16

Through a dysphoric digital-led practice exploring the social interaction with technologies; the mediation and manipulation of information overloading the individual, I use multi-faceted approach to create works that seek to deconstruct their own media and the purpose of making, to subvert the miasmic man-machine dichotomy, to generate a refined chaos by amplifying interference to find harmonies in the feedback; rendering digital figures flash in a seizure of red, green and blue.

By responding to the medium-centric approaches Warhol invoked in his complex practice, whilst adopting his iconoclastic image and his hyperbolization of surface value, my current practice has used the Digital Factory as means of exploring the extension of the post-Fordist labour roles beyond their physical bounds; the individual disassociated from their isolated loci, engulfed in the tangled hierarchies of a Network Society.


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