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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Weekly Summary: 20.3.17 – 26.3.17

Infidelibus Decimari - 28

I managed to make another Decimari sculpture this week, and work it into a reasonable pose with the rigging, getting most of the rendering done, with only a few angles left to sort out. On Friday, I assisted my peer with a photography shoot in the studio, which I thought would be useful for better understanding studio etiquette and working with fixed light; along with helping set up equipment, I also aided with directing and posing the model. Additionally I have written more for the Motherland of Exiles project, and also been playing around on Photoshop to make some faux-design work, mostly to amuse myself.


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Digital: Yoga

Yoga - 02


Modified photo from Facebook made to resemble a Yoga self-help guide.

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Digital: Colt Fury 2

Colt Fury 2

Colt Fury 2

Faux poster for Colt Fury 2.
Photo by Jeanette Bolton-Martin

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Digital:Infidelibus Decimari

Infidelibus Decimari - 01

Infidelibus Decimari

The unfaithful fiend, sister of contortion, daughter of misfortune.

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Writing: Hidden Voice

A cavern, or small room,
Laid in the centre,
A flat ceiling several feet above
Pressing heavily on two thick walls on the far of the periphery.

Above and below the plains are hidden,
The roof fades from a pale hue,
An enveloping endless vault.
Deep mutterings emerge behind,

Hands push on shoulders,
The second figure out of sight,
His low whispers all that can be heard
From ear to ear.

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Writing: Penance

Back broken for devilish delinquency
Rib cracked for manipulative maliciousness
Raw throat for solipsistic solicitations
Headache for thorough thoughtlessness
Locked jaw for fork-tongued flirtation
Eyes saw for glancing greedily.

Writing: The Fanatic

Head slumped for half the year,
Without purpose through the shortest days.
Singing no tune,
But rattling dissonant metallic chimes.
For his dull blades, a cage,
Propped loosely against a blank wall.
He heard the wind and knows its song,
It once was his sweet rhapsody,
But only silence graces his downcast gaze;
Body pal, cold to the touch.

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Weekly Summary: 13.3.17 – 19.3.17

Soror Macer Decimari - Pose - 18

In addition to writing various bits of what could loosely be referred to as poetry and a small amount of prose, I also created a dynamic pose of the Soror Macer Decimari model, using the rigging system in Zbrush, with some reasonable success; essentially borrowing the pose from a model of the Xenomorph from the Alien film franchise.

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Digital: Soror Macer Decimari – Dynamic Pose

Soror Macer Decimari - Pose - 01

Soror Macer Decimari – Dynamic Pose

The sorrowful sister, emaciated and foul.

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Writing: Venom

For Samael, Time was the bloodstream in which he was the cancer, flowing down arteries and up veins, he was the contagion who devoured every ounce of life that he could encapsulate. He was the deviation in the growth of healthy tissue that would cause chaos on the body’s tapestry of pendulous rhythms and clockwork compression of cartilaginous compartments, rendering each breath ever more brutal, each step heavier, each moment stretched to its agonising extreme.

He grew opulent disrupting the functional fluidity of that which all must pass, second by second, transgressing from the first sight of newly opened eyes to the final closing of their lids, entombing empty sockets evermore.

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