Weekly Summary: 6.7.15 – 12.7.15

Degree Show Install - II - TFHDR - 18

The Graduation ceremony took place this week, a momentous occasion where nothing happens for several hours in a room intoxicated by the presence of be-cloaked graduates and parents kept awake exclusively by the discomfort of the chairs and repeated drill of applause to the various names percussive punctuating the event. I shook John Hurt and Carl Rowe’s hands on the stage with my grandfather’s pipe securely clamped in my jaw, with some cheer, bypassing the photographic instinct to implement the meme of the moment more fastidiously into the collective conscious than through the distribution of imagery through online social media. Dodging opportunities for straight-faced social photograph is always a concern.

HVGS Installation Autoportrait - 03

We were dismantling the degree show installation and returning equipment this week, which thankfully did not take too long, so I used the opportunity prior to dismantling it to take a number of photos of the set up from a greater variety of angles to explore the aesthetic qualities of the work over the documentary photos taken previous, including a small collection of self-portraits besides the various screens.

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