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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Photo: Alex



Alex on his phone


Digital: Carnem Exussit Decimari

Carnem Exussit Decimari

Carnem Exussit Decimari

Fresh to the life of Decimation, and longer fresh faced. He will be a body of scars before long.

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Digital: Rex Lactucis

Rex Lactucis

Rex Lactucis

So much for merry meadows, how the Rex Lactucis flourish in the Madlands of the Marshes. Hailing from Kelfazin, this disciple of Darzin has prospered by such unnatural selection to survive the terra incognita of a land seemingly so barren, as their deviation from banal novelty grounds them as, like a child’s nightmare, so unforsaking in their corrupt innocence.

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Digital: Camarades – Kirstin





Digital: Ancips Iuctim Decimari

Ancips Iuctim Decimari - 01

Ancips Iuctim Decimari

The hybrid hermaphrodite, mother-father, son-daughter, brother-sister, of the decimation.

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Photos: Unsound Body and Mind

Unsound Body and Mind - 02

Unsound Body and Mind

Documentation of the exhibition in which I performed the Unsound Body and Mind poetry nonsense.

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Digital: Brother [3D]

Brother - 01

Brother [3D]

Oh, brother

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Digital: Scriniarii Pristini Decimari

Scriniarii Pristini Decimari - 01

Scriniarii Pristini Decimari

AKA The Burden of Memory

The former Archivist, or Scriniarii Pristini Decimari, once presided over the handling of historical annuls of the Metropolis, preserving and digitizing post and pre-Dawn literature, resolving differences in narratives, gathering and processing information for recollection where necessary and retrieving information upon request. Read the rest of this entry »

Motherland of Exiles

There are thoughts as to why the Decimation deviate from the human form so widely once they join the out castes. One suggestion stems from the varying levels of genetic alterations that take part of the eugenic social engineering of the Castra populous. In that, although the basic human code has had most of its problematic components written out of their DNA, so that most individuals can, effective, see a century of life with little hindrance in their health, once their age reduces them to a state of bodily or mental decay that they can no longer be of service to the Metro, they are given the option of euthanasia, or Decimation by recourse, and their forced relocation beyond the walls, to face life beyond the protection of civilisation. Read the rest of this entry »

Photos: Selfie Queen – Updated


Selfie Queen

More photos added to the Selfie Queen selection, including images from my old Flickr account.

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