Ubinam Gentium Sumus?: Jurassic World and the Post-Modern Capitalist Cinematic

O di immortales, ubinam gentium sumus? Quam rem publicam habemus? In qua urbe vivimus?


This is not a review of the latest of the Spielberg franchise film, Jurassic World, but rather a spiel based on the representation of the film through its promotional materials, notably the video trailers, and a examination of how the film reflects the socio-economic and media environment in which it has been produced. Furthermore, the synopsis offered by the trailer may also be more indicative of how the producers and promoters of the film would want it to be seen: highlighting which key components offer the most effective synthesis of the contents of the film that would encourage a potential audience to engage with it at their financial expensive over other content.

When the twenty-four hours news, newspapers and online journalism features a constant onslaught of the horrors committed by man, what would stimulate a viewer to desire to see another man-made atrocity in high-definition surround sound? What is presented is a genetically engineered dinosaur hybrid digitally rendered, biting the head off unsuspecting mercantile forces, whilst extremist groups decapitate innocent captives, broadcasting through the multi-media experience of everyday technological interfaces. The security of the cinema provides an enclosed environment where the viewer pays to see high-octane action and human drama, safely incubated within length of the narrative, resolving by the third act, terror abated. Whilst the daily barrage of death in the physical world, as seen by populous of wealthy nation through screens that can be switched off, it still lingers in the background like the low hum of a television set on standby.

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Weekly Summary: 15.06.15 – 21.06.15


After another discussion with the workshop staff, I was able to borrow a bench for my degree show installation, though not one of main ones from the gallery, but rather a more standard, rectangular wooden one. Originally I had intended to use two, but this cluttered the space and the material being draped over each was not the same, so it was resolved that only one would be used, placed to one side of the projector, covering the mains power socket whilst being out of sight once entering the space.

The media player connected to the had been malfunctioning again, though this is likely due to being left on standby for an extended period and not turned off fully. To alleviate this, the device had to be switched off, the flash drive removed, powered one, and the USB stick reinserted. Following this minor derailing, an amendment was made to the instructions accompanying the equipment.

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Weekly Summary: 6.6.15 – 14.6.15

For all though that can make it, Tuesday the 30th of June will be the opening of the Undergraduate Degree Show at NUA, so please come along between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. If you cannot make it for the opening, the show will be open from 10.00am to 7.00pm on Monday to Friday (between 10.00am-6.00pm on Saturdays, and 11.00am-4.00pm Sundays) until the 7th of July (the day of Graduation).

NUA SU Grad Ball - 155

This post-submission period need not be an unproductive one, and so it shall be utilised efficiently as with the time spent studying, but with a temporary relaxation of attitudes towards the differentiation between work, searching for further employment, and a summation of leisure activities hitherto postponed. Indeed, I intend to continue these weekly summaries as a record of the progress of ongoing ideas, the development of new projects, and a general post-academic log.

Upon submission, the conclusion to numerate sleepless days, one of my peers was handing over their folders before me, with the relived exclamation; “Finally, I can make art without having to write about it,” to which I flippantly responded, “finally, I can write without having to make art about it.” Despite this caustic statement, I do intend to keep making practical work.

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Digital: 3D Brandon Bryant

3D Brandon Bryant - 03

3D Brandon Bryant


3D Scupltris model based on the former US Drone pilot, Brandon Bryant (unpainted).

Bryant seemed a fitting subject for digital incarnation given his previous experience in dealing death through a digital interface at the remote helm of the joystick and screen, death from above a simulacrum come reality for those on the receiving end of the lightening crack of electrical signals cascading through the air, culminating in remote controlled executions; instantly disembodying the embodied consequence of the mediated action.

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Weekly Summary: 31.5.15 – 5.6.15

Neon Post-It

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

[Thomas, 1953]


Since I received an extension to the deadline, due to the SU campaign, this has been my final week on the course, so it has been highly productive, resulting in a sizeable amount of written work being complete that had been left in note form. This has involved redrafting the critical evaluation, sorting through annotations, including writing 9.5K on event photography (though it will not be read it had to be written), along with organising my research, and organising papers, sketches, and all non digital materials; before finally transferring everything to my external hard drive for submission. After some final discussion with Anna Bird from the NUA gallery and my tutor Victoria, I have concluded to leave the benches until after my hand in, but I still intend to use them in the degree when it is opened for the public, so will look to install them around the 15th of June.

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