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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Digital: Docker

Docker - 01


Bust of a docker, combining a black and white photo of a dock worker with another image of an old man for colour and texture references. Rather than being a totally observational study, I hoped this would be useful in a push towards character development, working in a more exaggerated style, but using realistic looking surfaces, materials and lighting. This experiment was fairly successful, although rendering the images for the flattened export was somewhat time consuming, as running a Best render followed by a BPR render to get the highest quality image took a few minutes for each image, and positioning the model at full res resulted in some instability and lag in Zbrush, despite working to minimalise the file size.

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Digital: Nobama [2]

Nobama [2] - 01

Nobama [2]

Updated version of the Obama bust.

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Digital: Lydon [Updated]

Lydon [2] - 01

Lydon [Updated]

Updated version of the John Lydon bust.

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Pathos Patronatus

Pathos Patronatus

Pathos Patronatus

Recovering a fallen brother. Inspired by the conflict over Patroclus in the Illiad, and a statue that it inspired.

Weekly Summary: 1.2.16 – 7.2.16

In Cibum Tritor

Alongside finishing off some of the larger digital paintings and working on another 3D bust which shall incorporate clothes for the first time, using a combination of references; I have been digitally drawing over a number sketches, selecting the stronger images from my sketchbooks, which will be developed over the coming weeks, adapting to use a greater range of techniques.

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Digital: Brown Selfie

Brown Selfie

Quick digital self portrait based on a photo by Dozy, using the tracing approach I have begun to use intermittently in some sections of other digital paintings.

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Digital: City of Cinder

City of Cinder

City of Cinder

Overlooking the crossroads in the City of Cinder, Urbs Cinis; concrete and calamity.

The precariat plebians peer at the men of the Metro Legio; those wrapped in rags and those bearing dull steel, all entombed in alkaline ash and acidic air.

Digital painting over (x3 A3) charcoal drawings.

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Digital: In Cibum Tritor

In Cibum Tritor

In Cibum Tritor

Lard greasing the gears of the meat grinder; from pig to man, and man to pig; all the pigs are all lined up, stained like blood on teeth.

Boars baring the burden, man march beside the Sus Invisus through smoke, slag and swill, the stench soaking in, as the squeals, screeches and shrill shrieks of man, meat and metal saturate from swamp to stratosphere, the sublime stridulation punctuated by the whooping coughs of carnivorous contraptions, spluttering sulphur and sewage into the surroundings

Hated animals stand together with one beating heart; valves intertwined, beating chests full of coal, shouts of locomotive breath as they stride side by side in syncopated step, hauling Hell behind them.

Digital: Suidae

Sus Invisus - 08

Suidae: Sus Invisus

Final version of the petrifying pig, with blood and mud soaked skin, rife with boils, botulism, and other tumors growths, clad in patches of dark hair, with cuts, abrasions and alopecia causing clumps of its foul smelling fur to fall out, as its gluttonous physique decays from within, but generations kept in too small a pen has warped its figure from bone and blubber to a barrel of brawn and grievous bodily harm. Its Chelsea grin throws forth its terrible tusks, worn down a gore or more, but as sharp and sinister as ever.

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Weekly Summary: 25.1.16 – 31.1.16

Bare Boar - 07

This reasonably productive week featured drawing at gig, digital painting from charcoals, 3D sculpting with attention on hair and the interplay of textures and colour between the contrasting materials. In addition to updating my website by forming an Exhibition Portfolio, and collecting together the few publications within which my photos and other works have been featured (though the latter primarily consists of my documentation of Henry’s various installation in magazines and so forth).

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