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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Digital: Rex Lactucis [2]

Rex Lactucis [2]

Rex Lactucis [2]

Updated version of the Rex Lactucis painting.

Digital: Spurius Filiae [2]

Spurius Filiae [2]

Spurius Filiae [2]

Updated version of the Spurius Filiae painting.

Film: TFHDR [2016]

TFHDR [2016]

Rework of the Twenty Four Hour Delirium Rhythm video with the original soundtrack of the BBC Slippy theme, combining the BBC News theme by David Lowe with Born Slippy by Underworld.

Audio: Referendum


Ambient trance track mostly written around the time of the UK EU referendum.

Photos: In the Garth

In the Garth - 01

In the Garth

In the Garth by NUA in Norwich

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Photos: Snelling



James refusing a photo opportunity for a picture.

Photos: Harry the Darling

Harry the Darling - 02

Harry the Darling

Harry Darlington in the Garth of NUA.

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Digital: Ragged Knight

Ragged Knight

Ragged Knight

A veteran wandering the decimation of the wastes, cast out from one of the Castra Metro, an Aquilifer still carrying the barbed banner, steadying his gate and aid his weathering of many a bleak burning storm.

Weekly Summary: 22.7.2016 – 28.8.16

The primary activity this week involved assisting Henry with a film shoot for Red Bull studios in London. On my part, this mostly required carrying materials and helping to install the equipment for the recording. However, during time of the filming I was not required so wandered about das Capital, meandering fractally via the Barbican Centre and a few other landmarks, though I did not attend any exhibitions whilst on this patrol, due to the time restraints of the day and my depreciating enthusiasm for attending such activities, unless there are specific works that I wish to see, or for the social dynamic or the potentially of pay for my photography services.

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Photos: Emanuela Cusin – BA8 Takeover

Emanuela Cusin - BA8 Takeover - 06

Emanuela Cusin – BA8 Takeover

Documentation of Emanuela Cusin’s video projection as part of the British Art Show in the St. George’s building of NUA.

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