Weekly Summary: 16.11.15 – 22.11.15

Giving Way - 02

Given further unsuccessful applications, I have continued in searching and sending off for work. However, in the mean time I have been sorting out my portfolios, and managed to get some feedback for the events photography selection from other photographers. I was recommended to reduce the number of pictures to between 10 and 20 for the set, which I can apply to each in order to refine and present my best works, should that be required. Nevertheless, as I continue to produce work it will hopefully be of an increasing quality, so the portfolios may fluctuate. This will also be useful for getting a website sorted.

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Problematising Protecting the Profitable Predator

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If a woman chooses not to report her attack to the police – a choice that most victims make for all sorts of reasons – she might be less likely to be believed. A common refrain among apologists for Bill Cosby’s alleged actions, for example, is that if the alleged victims’ stories were true they would have come forward sooner.

But when victims do report to the police, many suffer horrendous treatment by officers who are either untrained in how to handle sexual assault cases or outright blame the victim. After Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz filed a police report about being raped, she says a police officer told a friend who had accompanied her that “Of all these cases, 90% are bullshit, so I don’t believe your friend for a second.”

After 19-year-old Lara McLeod reported her rape, she was arrested because an officer didn’t believe her. And when Michele Beaulieux reported a rape that had happened years earlier, she later found the report contained multiple errors – including the spelling of her name and where she was raped.

  The entire rape reporting system is rigged to let predators go free

The police are not in place to protect individuals, they are there to protect property and privilege (private law), and as women are not considered as property by legislators they little or no motivation to help rape victims, as they see no crime in sexual assault because it disempowers the already disempowered (female proletariat) civilian, rather than attempting to usurp private and governmental institutions. The Police (as a collective body, not as individuals who make think differently) have no reason to attempt to stop rape, besides to drive down statistics, the crime itself is of little consideration if it has no affect upwards on the power hierarchy.

Hate thy neighbour and praise the Lords of the Land, the bourgeoisie have no reason to care, until you are seen as rallying and charging the barricades against these great injustices. They have no reason to care if a celebrity is a paedophile if they are generating profit, only when it poses and economic threat, or after the fact, does it become problematic.

May Butchers Security Surgery

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Theresa May’s proposed spying law is ‘worse than scary’ United Nations says

Technical experts have said that the proposed rules on intercepting communications could lead to some services like WhatsApp and iMessage to be de-facto banned  because their secure encryption makes it impossible for their host companies to read users’ messages.

The Government says it is not making encryption illegal, only “strong” encryption that actually does its job of making communications uninterceptable.

It also claims judge-led reviews of ministerial decisions to use the powers would provide adequate oversight of the Government’s spying.

These people literally have no idea how or why encryption does what it does, without it all online security would be impossible, and any economic developments that have been undertaken in recent years (topically, Alibaba massive sales on the recent Singles day in China) would be impossible.

Also, encryption works both ways, if GCHQ insists on opening the veins of online discourse by its citizens, then the clotted arteries of the British security services will also be open up, which would be a tremendous decentralisation of power, but also probably undesirable from the Government’s authoritarian, Panopticon perspective.

Ministry for Foreign Offence: Fascist Centralisation

Are you a far-right group lacking public credibility due to your disgraceful image, ideology and rhetoric? Rather than softening your hard-line value, why not be more radical and extreme to drive the debate in your direction – rather than becoming more central, move the centre line to suit your needs?

Want to eliminate a unruly section of your own population? Say its structural reform to protect social services – use the language of a mythical political middle ground to promote institutionalised violence against the civilian population, use the bludgeon of protecting the state to beat the citizens into an apathetic pulp.

Why risk being called ‘racist’ when calling to close the borders when you can turn the population against their neighbours by trimming the fat of public services to the bone, so they fight amongst themselves over the scraps left on the plate, and call for the barricades to go up bark out for the fear that they will be left with nothing.

Make nationalism, isolationism and xenophobia populist causes that give democratic credence to an ideological warfare against the other – both the barbarians at the gates and the rabble inside. Remind them that their ills are caused by the greed of their brothers and sisters, not of the Lords of the Manor. Sew a hatred amongst the plebs and keep them begging for scraps like a beaten dog cursed to lick at the heels of its violent master.

Try these techniques and more like them, and you will be well on your way to legitimising your otherwise unpalatable platform.

This message was brought to you by the Ministry for Foreign Offence, rewriting the wrongs of the Right.

Why a Reflective Journal?

A reflective journal is a means of distilling the amalgamated creative produce and consumption that is undertaking a steady progressing of critical practice.

It can document ongoing projects and how they are interwoven with wider research, interests and events. This may include exhibitions, works in progress, relevant articles dissected and reassembled into a Frankenstein format available for public consumption and personal reflection.

I am a Fine Art alumni and I have been maintaining my reflective journal in its current blog format for four and a half years. If its development paralleled that of a human child, it should in theory now be producing some new, independent thought supported by the universal grammar of its internal systems, and questioning everything in the spirit of naivety, anarchism, and academia.

Weekly Summary: 2.11.15 – 9.11.15

Firstsite - Phantom - Henry Driver - Opening - 07

I have been spending a lot more time recently on Digital painting and sketching, which has been fairly pleasent and I am making some headway with my technique and character development, which will hopefully make a positive contribution to the portfolios I have started to assemble. However, I still need to reupload some images from my old photography Flickr to my general artwork page, as I have decided to amalgamate the two. Following this, I also need to make a more formal website to display work professionally, alongside the WordPress blog. I may use Wix for this as it has been recommended to me and is a free platform for making a more effectively display of works from Flickr and Vimeo.

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