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Weekly Summary: 11.7.2016 – 17.7.2016

I have been working on a number of musical pieces this, including a dance track entitle Mechanical Coup, a combination of the phrases Mechanical Turk and Turkish Coup, given the poignant time of the composition; and following reading various articles and listening to a range of news stories on the subject, and the other major political events of the moment. There are a number of other songs currently under way, with a handful at a stage of near completion, though whether they are to be resolved is not clear, given my habit for half-finishing more than half of what I start creating.

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Audio: Mechanical Coup

Mechanical Coup

Demo track more at the ‘dance’ end of the musical spectrum.

The title derives from the time of composition and a human-powered chess machine that deceived its opponents to thinking it was a computer: Turkish Coup / Mechanical Turk.

Weekly Summary: 4.7.16 – 10.7.16

Henry Driver Basement Experiments - 38

Amongst a mostly unproductive week, I photographed one of Henry’s video installations would should form a part of his MA degree show work, both as part of the exhibition and as part of the publication he is producing alongside. It is always good to see that some of my imagery is being positively received.

On a related note, I responded to the American musicians who wanted to use some of my GIFs as part of the visuals to accompany their live tour, however have not heard a response as of yet. I do have a small suspicion they may use the images without my permission anyway, which would be unproffessional, but as my images are hosted online and actived by their presence online (they cease to be if they are not accessible, so the financial dilemma is somewhat offset by a Cartesian one).

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Photos: Henry Driver Basement Experiments

Henry Driver Basement Experiments - 21

Henry Driver Basement Experiments

Documentation of video experiments by Henry Driver in Gunton’s Basement.

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Weekly Summary: 27.6.16 – 3.7.16

Besides working on a few musical tracks and doing some photography/filming for Rebecca, I attended two exhibitions: Constellations at the undercroft and T R A P D O O R at Yallops, both of which were well curated and featured some interesting work. I also wrote my feedback evaluation for the Digital Residency, which effectively followed on from another selection of questions posed by a MRes Arts and Cultural Research student from the University of Brighton.

Additionally, I received a request from a band to use some of my old imagery as part of the visuals for their set. Hopefully this will prove fruitful, though the formalities still need to be sorted before anything can formally take place.

Digital Factory Residency Evaluation

1. How did you find out about this opportunity?

Following previous interactions with Firstsite, participating in the Float exhibitions and other events, I received and email from one of the staff at Firstsite regarding the residency. I then applied, as the criteria, themes and environment involved in it appealed to me as a means of extending my practice and engaging in a public-facing institution alongside other artists.

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Photos: Edinburgh

Various photographs taken in and around Edinburgh, 2016.

About Edinburgh [Old Tolbooth Wynd] - 02

About Edinburgh – I [Old Tolbooth Wynd]

Photos from Old Tolbooth Wynd in Edinburgh.

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Photos: Rockpools

Rockpools at North Berwick - 09

Rockpools at North Berwick

Photos of the rock pools, seaweed and the general coastline of North Berwick, Scotland.

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Photos: Drear

Drear - 00


Photos from a garden in Dereham (AKA Drearham).

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Weekly Summary: 20.6.16 – 26.6.16

Rockpools at North Berwick - 08

Besides updating my website and editing some old photos, mostly the images from Scotland, alongside attending the the Outpost Members Show and going around the British Art Show 8 in Norwich, and a few sketches in the apocalyptic illustrative vein, this week has been relatively benign.

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