CCTV Selfies

Written in response to: CCTV Selfies: I Turned City Surveillance into My Personal Photographer.

Evercam could be seen as both a criticism of CCTV and a celebration of it. It is this second point that is concern, as the role of state monitoring is frequently used to protect the state; its building, its order, its businesses, and to defend against the civilian population, the number one threat to national security. CCTV reinforces exhausting hierarchies, whilst failing to question them. Evercam may return awareness of their monitoring to the monitored, but the average citizen is not in a position to mount a defence against the role of the ever-watching camera.

As the Panopticon indicates, the gaze posits power in the eyes of the viewer, not the observed; so to a certain extent it levels this power distinction, but the individual cannot ask for the camera to be switched off without arousing suspicion. In adherence to the notion that if one has nothing to hide, then why should one object to being monitored? If you are not the person deciding who or why to watch certain individuals, then you are are disempowered, even more so if you have little or no say in how the laws and governance of a state is controlled.

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Silk Stalinism

Ian Driver

In response to:

Police monitored political activities of candidate standing against Nigel Farage

“Officers have been keeping tabs on Greens candidate standing against Ukip leader Nigel Farage, as police face questions over monitoring of elected politicians.”


What do you call it when the police label political undesirables “domestic extremism”?  Sounds like Totalitarianism to me.

I wonder what happens if they labelled other Green MPs as ‘domestic extremists’, or Feminist activists, or LGBT campaigners, or Ethnic Equality speakers?

What happens when the government uses anti-terror policies against the domestic populous? The Police State rises.

This is why political censorship is problematic, because it is the current establishment that gets to decide what is acceptable to speak about and what isn’t. Sending away migrants and refugees is seen as fine because it is politically useful, it makes scapegoating easier, and defers responding the actual issues facing people. Whereas the modest claims of the Greens and the left for equality and a response to climate change is totally unacceptable, because it shows the real flaws in the current hierarchy that seeks only to suppress the masses and hold on to power for grim life.

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Writing: Twenty-Four Hour Delirium Rhythm (Prose)

Twenty-Four Hour Delirium Rhythm [Riot 5] [Stills] - 05

Green jackets, pale horses and pale faces, raining down bloody fists in silent red, awash with the noise of terror and disorder, in fear of control and order. Truncheons like Roman gladii, cavalry charges trampling the peasant masses.

What spectacle, the plebs collapse into one another in the grand Colosseum of the screen, the great entertainment of the age is the Peoples’ struggle, always at a safe distance of behind the black mirrors of televisions and monitors. Violence ply ascertains reality when it is useful, otherwise is designated prime time high definition sporting action, to be filmed at dramatic angles, so the bewildered herd runs in mad animal circles, demanding no new order, nor disorder, just the revolution of banality, and the comfort of a padded three-piece sofa and plasma screen mediator.

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Weekly Summary: 27.4.15 3.5.15

Henry & Neil - RGB - The Stew - 01

My tutorial at the start of the week was useful, as we went over ideas for degree show as well as running through the organisation of my work for submission. As this is the final major project that counts for the largest percentage of my grade, I am taking particular care as to how my documentation will be accessed. Though I will be submitting my blog and a few pieces of paper, the majority of my work will be in a digital format, so the structure of the folders is crucial, and having relevant works grouped together with key points signposted could make a major difference. There is little point me submitting a disorganised medley of unpolished ideas, significant woks will be prioritised, and there will be clear distinctions between the Context, Practical and Research, but the cross over will also be made clear, by referencing research in annotations, and feeding work into a wider context, testing displays of ideas and so forth.

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Education, Education, Education [SU Video Teacher’s Aid]

At the school that my mother works at they are currently teaching the primary school students about what the electoral system is in Britain and why it is important. In addition to covering who the major political parties are, the voting system and how politics affects the pupils, they have also been including it in cross-curricular classes, the history of the modern government and in the various lessons.

As part of one lesson, the promotional video that I made for the SU campaign was being used as an example to the pupils. I am glad to see my little contribution being used constructively and it will hopefully be a positive influence on them to be involved with the running of their community in the future. My video was used because is was reported to be clearer and more accessible than some of the regular political videos, which are often more dependent on a wider range of cultural appropriation and ideological marketing than policies.

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