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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Digital Factory Statement 25.4.16

Through a dysphoric digital-led practice exploring the social interaction with technologies; the mediation and manipulation of information overloading the individual, I use multi-faceted approach to create works that seek to deconstruct their own media and the purpose of making, to subvert the miasmic man-machine dichotomy, to generate a refined chaos by amplifying interference to find harmonies in the feedback; rendering digital figures flash in a seizure of red, green and blue.

By responding to the medium-centric approaches Warhol invoked in his complex practice, whilst adopting his iconoclastic image and his hyperbolization of surface value, my current practice has used the Digital Factory as means of exploring the extension of the post-Fordist labour roles beyond their physical bounds; the individual disassociated from their isolated loci, engulfed in the tangled hierarchies of a Network Society.

Written/Audio: Predictable


Predictive text filling in all meaning,
Making syntax insincere,
Sentiment in the sentence seems senseless,
The rate of writing relentless,
The resent impermanent structures of auto-completed diction divulged from the dozing delirium of the distracted retracted mental faculties,
Spell cheque cashed and organised,
No hesitation or deviation,
No rhythm only repetition,
Words rolling off the distressed mental press at a superhuman rate,
Racing to the full stop when characters elapse,
Run out,
No ink drops on the corner of the page only fingerprints on the touch-screen soon smudged into a greasy smog,
While the words below dissolve into a slippery haze of refined ambiguity,
Speaking without saying anything,
Consentless convalescence from comprehensive comprehension;
Relapse and relax,
All has been taken care of,
Be still,
Slip into the ecstasy of sleeping solemnity,
Apathetic apoplexy,
Heavenly homogeneity.

Firstsite VJ Workshop

Firstsite VJ Workshop - 19

Firstsite VJ Workshop 24.4.16

Documentation of the VJing workshop at Firstsite led by Liam Roberts and Frazier Merrick, with fellow Digital Factory resident Sian Fann.

A demonstration of collaboration, the resulting works as shown here illustrate the collective work of all participants, their shared authorship reflects a shared ownership, distilled through the lens of photography, where the event itself was one of unity; unique spontaneity, but the post-script, the photographic documentation, is inevitably marked predominantly by the photographer’s hand, regardless of any egalitarian intentions.

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Digital Factory Residency Showcase 26/04/16

Digital Factory Residency Showcase 26/04/16


// Creating, Curating and Exhibiting digital artworks in response to Andy Warhol at Firstsite //

As part of our monthly Float Digital sessions at Firstsite, we were excited to be given the opportunity to host artists in residency along side the new Andy Warhol Artists Rooms exhibition.

Join us from 7.30pm as we showcase work from a special collaborative project, alongside individual projects and previews of work in development.

With work from –

Sian Fan / Susi Disorder
William Fulton / Benjamin Beauchamp

A one night exhibition providing a platform for digital artists and performers to share their work and meet like minded people.

We’d like to open this exhibition for you to share your work with us, all forms of digital art are welcome. Please let me know if you would like to bring in some work, as there will be limited space. Contact

Tuesday 26th April, Firstsite Colchester 7.30pm – 9.00pm, Free entry

Digital Factory is kindly funded by ARTIST ROOMS in association with Circuit at Firstsite, a national programme connecting young people aged 15-25 to the arts to spark change


Research: Digital Human: Work

Digital Human: Work

Aleks speaks to technology writer Kashmir Hill who spent a month as an invisible girlfriend writing loving texts to service subscribers for a few cents per message. This is just one example of ‘micro-tasking’ made famous by Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. For Vili Lehdonvirta of the Oxford internet institute they’re examples of the hidden human effort going into services we would assume were automated. Its a new form of piece work undertaken by a causal workforce doing it where and when it suits them.

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Photos: Jojo Lalu at the Bicycle Shop

Jojo Lalu at the Bicycle Shop - 11

Jojo Lalu at the Bicycle Shop

Documentation of a selection of works by Jojo Lalu at the Bicycle Shop in Norwich.

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Photos: Andy Warhologram Test

Andy Warhologram Test -1

Andy Warhologram Test

Testing the Warhologram in the square-based pyramid perspex display with an iPad, as part of the Group Crit of current works for the Digital Factory.

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Weekly Summary: 11.4.16 17.4.16


Last week, I completed the Andy Warhol bust, which meant this week began with taking a number of images of the model from a range of angle, and developing the model beyond its simple sculptural form into something more conceptually and technically developed, experimenting with its reprocessing and reformulation.

Firstly, a turntable video was created of the model rotating 360 degrees on the ‘Y’ axis, which was then used for a number of video pieces in addition to the GIF animations (the basic GIF may be featured in a cross continental collaboration, depending on the negotiations being undertaken by the Firstsite team as part of my residency). Not only do these function as experimental works in their own right, but they function as usual preparatory tests for the video works; though are not nessesarily and less complex, but as independent outcomes they minimalism is less developed than those of the films which were produced, though did not require the frame-by-frame re-glitchification of the Ian Mckellen videos (which may be transformed into GIFs shortly in the coming weeks).

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Sunday Group Critique

Individual Group Critique w/ Michael Irwin, 17.04.16

Sunday Group Critique - 01

Photos documenting the Sunday Group Critique  with Michael, Liam & Frazier and my fellow resident artists: Will Fulton, Susi Disorder, and Sian Fann, in the Digital Factory at the Firstsite Gallery in Colchester.

The surrounding discussion is on this crit was elaborated upon in the most recent Weekly Summary.

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Digital: Warhol GIF


Andy Warhol

The Andy Warhol 3D digital sculpture is now available as a handy GIF animation.

Hang him on the wall, Handy Warhol

Made as part of the Digital Factory Residency at Firstsite in Colchester, in response to the Andy Warhol exhibition.

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