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B.S. Beauchamp (Fine Art BA Hons) Critical and Creative Practice

Weekly Summary: 13.2.17 – 19.2.17

Ben Again - 28

This week has been reasonably busy, and I have been both updating existing sculptures, primarily making slight modifications to the Ben Again sculpture (though I have only one front on image of this, as to render the full range of angles again would take some time) and making more significant alterations to the John Hurt model, alongside working on new pieces, including another Decimari figure

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Writing: Sure Enough Said

(Ferality Tele Vision)

Your biggest sycophantic
frantic king lay her down to
rest and recuperate it five out of temptation

Furious indignation state meant of factory labour
under false pretentious escalate to the part
time weighs all men tally the scores once moron

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Writing: Inconsequential

(Friends with Benefit Fraud)


Never a momentary
lapse into unconsciousness
to all that was about
turn all the way
home was never easy
to identify from a line
drawn across the ceiling,
fantastic when half a
wake for a funeral
rehearsal dressed in bed
where did the day start and
lend itself to something useful,
light creeping in
side with the enemy
and myself,
portrait gallery curated
hung for treason

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Writing: Wool Eyed Never

Drinking for no
reason for
being sober
to the fact
or react
shunned ordinary
peopled places
me some
where on the out
siding with
momentary lapse
into clear
mindful of the next
thoughts for the day
break a leg
up and over
boarding party
conference call
out at three

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Motherland of Exiles Project

Virga Tua et Baculus Tuus

Motherland of Exiles

Selection of images from the Motherland of Exiles project.

This is an ongoing project, so this page is subject to page and only represents a sample of relevant materials, including drawings, digital paintings and sculptures, and links to writings.

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City of Cinder [Charcoal]


Collection of drawings, primarily of illustrations relating to the Motherland of Exiles project, but additional imagery may be included.

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Digital: Castra Gate Sketchup

Castra Gate Sketchup - 01

Castra Gate Sketchup

Model of the grand gate to the Castra, the enclosed cities of the Metro, modeled in Google Sketch Up.

This is still a work in progress, and further images may be taken, or it may be used as the basis for a digital painting.

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Writing: Decimari Evolution

Further extracts from the work in progress text, Motherland of Exiles.

Due to the intense genetic modifications, Decimari that emerge from some of the senior castes of the Metro society are especially susceptible to the mutagenic effects of the high levels of radiation in the Wastes and other affected areas. Their deliberate alterations and enhancements become highly susceptible to instability. For example, a modified pituitary gland designed to increase height and size by a few centimetre produces gigantism, acromegaly, and other such conditions, as the liver is inadvertently stimulated into producing hormones that expedite growth.

So, something which once stood slightly elevated with broadened shoulders, now towers at twice the height of an average man, upwards of three or four metres have said to have been observed, though as with some of the more extreme accounts of the denizens of decimation, these may be somewhat exaggerated, or one can only hope that this is so. No longer are these figures like carved, beautiful Apollo, but statues of grotesque proportion, all features foul on a forlorn frame.

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Writing: Ignorance and Ergonomics

Further extracts from the work in progress text, Motherland of Exiles.

The only ignorance in the Metro is wilful ignorance. No one is any more or less intelligent then they need or would otherwise want to be, and as for most, if not all citizens, reality perfectly aligns with hopes and expectations, then their desire for any further knowledge is minimal, particularly because of the abundance of information.

With the efficiency and availability of the archives for popular use, the need to learn anything beyond the ability to navigate the available resources is scare; to make any such intellectual leaps beyond the established framework of understanding is beyond not only the question of desire but also of comprehension, though never are the people censored nor their access prohibited through any direct means of control.

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Weekly Summary: 6.2.17 – 12.2.17

Ben Again - 02

Once again I set upon carving my image in digital clay, started another monster model, glitched another model, and did a few more drawings, bits of writing, whilst working my way to the end of Down and Out in Paris in London, and a few Ray Bradbury audiobooks. All in all, a week like any other.

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